Great Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds & Headphones on a Budget | SoundPEATS T3, Mini Pro & A6 Review

In this video, I check out some great Active Noise Cancelling earbuds & headphones from SoundPEATS. Their T3 ANC stem earbuds, Mini Pro ANC earbuds and their A6 ANC over-ear headphones.

You can buy the T3 ANC earbuds for $39.99 from Amazon →, the Mini Pro ANC earbuds for $59.99 from Amazon →, and the A6 ANC headphones between $39.99 and $54.99 from Amazon →

The three earbuds and headphones from SoundPEATS offer a great sounding foundation with various mic and ANC performance levels to suit a wallet-friendly budget. So if you’re looking for some entry-level ANC earbuds or headphones, keep reading.

SoundPEATS T3 ANC BT 5.2 Earbuds

The T3 ANC earbuds pack BT 5.2, ANC and transparency mode into these quite stylish-looking true wireless stem earbuds. I found it nice to see the earbuds sitting lengthways in their fairly compared charging case, this made them relatively easy to remove them, yet at times I did struggle longer than I expected to.

In the ears, powered up and paired to my iPhone 13 Pro, I was surprised with their conform and sound. The overall sound is warm and inviting. The stem earbuds felt comfortable to wear for long periods without getting too tiring or sore.

Gesture controls allow for volume, play/pause, accept/reject calls, next track, voice assistant and ANC modes. The ANC on the T3 was ok when you consider their price. With sound set to medium or higher, you couldn’t hear much of the outside world, whilst this also helped with some correctly fitting ear tips.

Microphone quality was acceptable on the T3 earbuds, yet background noise wasn’t as drowned out as well as more expensive earbuds out there. Voice was clear and easy to hear and understand.

Overall, the T3 earbuds from SoundPEATS are a solid allrounder of ANC earbuds for anyone on a budget.

SoundPEATS Mini Pro ANC BT 5.2 Earbuds

The SoundPEATS Mini Pro ANC earbuds mirror all that the T3 earbuds offer, but with the addition of extra battery life, no stems, game mode and improved microphone recording. The oval drivers sound just as good, maybe a little better, but not night and day better.

Like the T3, the earbuds sit high and are accessible in their charging case, which makes them easy enough to remove. Neither T3 nor Mini Pros left the case when dropped or shook vigorously hard.

The Mini Pros have the same gesture controls as the T3 with the addition of game mode. Although both feature BT 5.2 protocol, they do a great job at low latency gaming and video playback, and they sound great at doing it too, with the deep detailed bass making explosions and gunfire sound very lively and boomy.

Between the two earbud models, I found I got on with the T3 stem earbuds better, although the Mini Pro’s audio performed better overall, and you get a little extra battery life too.

SoundPEATS A6 ANC BT 5.0 Headphones

Finally, the A6 over-ear headphones break new ground for ANC headphones on a budget. With a similar form factor and folding features as my 2017 BOSE QuietComfort 35s, they are comfortable to wear and their memory foam ear cushions do a great job along with the ANC to block out outside noise. Like the earbuds, with a medium to high level of audio, you can’t hear what’s going on outside.

USB-C charging and 3.5mm audio input adds to the A6 connectivity. Their bass sounds good, it has a decent level of treble and average mid tones round up a warm and pleasing sound for their cost of entry. Considering my 2017 BOSE QC35s cost over 7x the price of these, I can oversee some of the audio and microphone quality compromises.

So if you’re on the lookout for some pleasant sounding pair of BT 5.0 ANC headphones whilst on a budget, I would put the A6 on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:38 – SoundPEATS T3 ANC Earbuds Review
8:16 – SoundPEATS Mini Pro ANC Earbuds Review
18:21 – SoundPEATS A6 ANC Over-Ear Headphones Review
25:24 – Wrap up

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