Fast Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle | TNVTEC Wireless Adapter Review

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Enjoy my TNVTEC Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Review.

You can buy this wireless adapter for around $119.90 from Amazon US → or $74.69 with coupon from ZETEADE seller on Amazon US → and Amazon DE → and Amazon UK →


In this video, I look at the new and fast booting wireless Apple CarPlay adapter for existing factory systems and aftermarket CarPlay stereos.

The TNVTEC Adapter features just one USB-C port and a status indicator light inside its angular metallic black plastic casing. This means all updates are required over the air (OTA), just like the CarlinKit 3.0 Mini, ViseeO Play2Air, and DAYO wireless CarPlay dongles.

Unlike the first two, the Proaok shares some familiarities with the DAYO adapter, in that it shares the same boot speeds due to sharing the same chipset and firmware inside. On the outside, you have a single USB-C port, a lengthy cable and a USB-A to C adapter for modern CarPlay vehicles ports.

Plugging in and booting up the adapter brings up a simple interface, that matches the DAYO software. From here you can only view a short paragraph instructing you to connect your iPhone to the dongle via Bluetooth. There’s no multiple device menu or localised settings menu to be accessed from this screen – sadly.

Need for Speed

Once connected to BT the dongle fires up into CarPlay very quickly. Mirroring the same speeds that I saw on the DAYO dongle. The advantage of the Proaok is its casing and cable construction over the thumb drive approach of the DAYO, which I found very sensitive to knocks on the road, which lead to many disconnections with CarPlay.

The TNVTEC remote casing and cable form-factor and fast booting firmware is a great combination that results in a speedy boot time and hopefully a reliable connection. A 3M sticker transfer is supplied and its use is encouraged if you wish to fix the dongle to your centre console to reduce it being thrown about in the car and may lead to disconnections.

My Impressions

In my short test time, I haven’t seen the disconnections I easily had on the DAYO in a similar time frame, so that gives me hope for this dongle. The best thing, for me and my own system setup, is the boot time. Usually, I get between 30 and 40+ seconds to get into Wireless CarPlay on most dongles. With the TNVTEC, my connection into its boot menu took around 15-17 seconds and into CarPlay around 12-15 seconds, so together that’s a total boot time into CarPlay of around 30 seconds, which for me, seemed more rapid than most dongles.

Time will tell with this dongle to see how stable this dongle is on longer drives over 2 hours. The Play2Air has only been the dongle to last this test of time without crashing. Spec-wise this dongle carries similar features as the Play2Air. With a similar Signal to Noise Ratio of 40, a channel width of 20MHz, Wi-Fi 4 and 65 mbps Max Data Rate. On paper, all this shouldn’t be as fast as many other dongles that have better specifications. But maybe that’s why the Play2Air is more stable and the way the boot firmware has been done adds to this dongle’s overall speed.

So if you’re looking for a wireless Apple CarPlay dongle with some speed, and don’t mind the rather cheap-looking aesthetics, and lack of physical update ability, then this dongle from Proaok is one dongle worth considering, it’s one downfall is its price, which hovers hire then more well-established brands, but if you can overlook this with your wallet, then you might be rewarded with better speeds.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
2:21 – In-Car Demo
5:45 – Settings & Updating OTA
7:45 – My Impressions

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