Fast & Favourite Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle Updated | ZETEADE AutoBox Review

In this video, I check out an update to one of the fastest and one of my favourite wireless Apple CarPlay dongles from ZETEADE, formerly known as TNVTEC/Proaok.

You can buy this wireless dongle for $74 (with their coupon) from Amazon US → or the original AutoBox →

If you have not seen my review of the original wireless dongle from ZETEADE then you can view it here → It’s one of my ‘go-to’ wireless dongles for existing wired CarPlay systems. It has speed on its side, it’s compact and small, I have rarely had it crash out on me and its web UI settings menu is one of the most thorough I have seen on a wireless dongle.

But sadly all has changed with this ‘upgraded’ dongle. It’s basically a rebadged Ottocast U2-Air inside its fancy aluminium and plastic casing. So expect around 19-24 second hot boot speeds, and more depending on your own system boot-up time. Comparing it to the original, it was around 3-4 seconds longer to boot. Its boot menu is a little less fancy than both the original AutoBox and U2-Air, yet still, neither of these three dongles allow multi-iPhone support. So if that is an important factor, look elsewhere – mainly older AutoKit-based dongles with longer boot times.

Once booted the dongle behaves well and if it’s built off the U2-Air hardware, then performance, compatibility and stability should be pretty good. Wireless CarPlay traits, such as audio/nav lag and call delay will be present here. Yet rendering all looks great, as per the original AutoBox wireless dongle.

So would I recommend this dongle?

Well, yes I would. But, while the original AutoBox continues to sell, with its better Web UI settings menu, then this updated box feels a little inferior as a whole package – especially if configuration and speed are important to you.

Its features over its original include: a better max data rate (matched by the U2-Air), and its revised aluminium casing will add better heat dissipation. It seems this current generation is slowly morphing into one single rebranded product. So if this is replacing the original, then it might be wise to snap up the older model, fast! But between this and the U2-Air, then the price will become a factor because they are practically twin brothers, just wearing different clothes.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:22 – Unboxing
3:21 – Installation
7:34 – My Impressions

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