Eufy RoboVac X8 Robot Vacuum Review

In this video, I review the Eufy RoboVac X8 Robot Vacuum.

You can buy this RoboVac for $599.99 directly from Eufy → and from Amazon US → or for £449.99 from Amazon UK →

Eufy X8 Hybrid (with mop functionality): (Eufy Direct Worldwide) (US) (UK)

I love covering robot vacuums. They have been my most surprising gadget over the last decade for me. Like dishwashers, they help to free up your life/time by automatically (whilst unassisted) do a decent job at maintaining a clean floor space. If you have pets or a floor surface that seems to gather dust, hair and dirt very often, then a robot vacuum is a must-have gadget for your home.

This is my second RoboVac from Eufy – a sister lifestyle brand of Anker. My G10 Hybrid review was a popular tech lifestyle video on my channel, so picking up the RoboVac X8 felt like a no-brainer, to see how far Eufy has come along, and boy have they come far!

The X8 packs a lot of juicy features for its rather accessible price point. You can expect to pay almost double from certain brands with similar features, so the X8 really had my attention after reading its spec sheet.

Eufy’s presentation, from opening and unpacking the RoboVac, to downloading its commanding app, was really a pleasure to experience. The RoboVac was easy to put together and set up, whilst connecting to the app and your Wi-Fi was just as quick and easy to complete.

Firing up the first clean the X8 mapped the first few rooms I allowed it around. Once comfortable I opened the full 40m2 floor space of my home without hesitation. From its quietness and its speed to its rapid and rather smart AI pathfinding, I was already thinking this was better than my over four-year-old staple robot vacuum.

After a full clean of my home many of my rooms were correctly mapped as individual rooms, however, having an open planned living space, I had to make some corrections. Entering into the Edit Map feature I was easily able to cut rooms into two, whilst merging various other parts of rooms and hallways to create a number of zones that would make it easy to send the RoboVac to clean.

The app makes it easy to see where the RoboVac has been, thanks to a clear white pathway it leaves behind. This makes it easy to see what it had missed, due to obstacles or the odd curious cat getting in its way.

Toggling through its four PA power levels is easily accessible through the app, with easy updates, scheduling, cleaning history and many more features just a few taps and swipes away. Everything I wanted to see or do was covered in its phone app, yet I do wish its battery level was displayed as a percentage than a vague illuminated silhouette of an icon.

The X8 had no issues navigating my home, making thick rugs and doormats a non-issue for the speed and agility of its spring-like wheels. Obstacle avoidance felt decent and it seemed to find its way around without too much confusion or failure occurring.

What stopped me from completely loving it was that it was a little too high for some of my home’s furniture. At 97.2mm high, beds and side tables stop its massive LiDAR sensor hood from getting underneath. Navigating between chair legs was also a 50/50 task, mostly avoiding under the table completely.

For its price, or more so at its $100 cheaper occasional sale price, the RoboVac X8 comes in at a steal. So if you’re on the lookout for a capable robot vacuum, be sure to put the X8 on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:51 – Unboxing
2:26 – Setup of the X8
4:21 – Waste bin & cleaning
6:50 – My Impressions

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