Eonon P3 7-Inch Portable Car Stereo Display Review

In this video, I check out the Eonon P3 7-inch Portable CarPlay Display. You can buy this car stereo display for:

🇺🇸 https://amzn.to/3J1v0M9 $89 from Amazon US
🇬🇧 https://amzn.to/4cHkwz4 £99.99 from Amazon UK
🇧🇪 https://amzn.to/49iVX8N €161.49 from Amazon DE

For all other regions and shipping options you can buy from them directly 👉🏻 https://tidd.ly/43Lvpf6

TL/DR: The Eonon P3 7-inch car stereo display offers budget-friendly wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, decent audio options, a user-friendly interface, and a convenient mounting system. While it has some minor flaws like audio delay with AirPlay and Miracast, it’s a good choice for those looking for an affordable CarPlay/Android Auto display for their car stereo.

The Eonon P3 7-inch car stereo display is a decent budget-friendly car display that offers wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a unique system for dashboard mounting, an IPS screen with wide viewing angles, and a resolution that fits its adequate display size. 

It has four audio sound output options, so you’ll find something to work with your (ageing) existing car stereo. Its built-in internal speaker isn’t the worst I have heard in a display of this size, thanks to its speaker driver situated inside its thicker rear central casing at the back of the display. It’s better suited for voice and navigation use than music. Those seeking more audio fidelity should choose between either its wireless FM and Bluetooth audio options, whilst the wired AUX option may lack punch, it is still a reliable audio connection.

Its main menu interface keeps things simple, with a control panel for media playback from either its rear spare USB-A port or TF card slot, a Bluetooth panel to easily access wireless connections, and a shortcut panel to access CarPlay, Android Auto, and its two methods of video casting from iOS and Android devices.

Swiping down from the top of the display brings in a simple, yet handy, interface menu for easy access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM transmission, as well as brightness, music and navigation volume. Something many more makers of displays should adopt.

Another thing others should pinch from the P3 is its mounting system. Although it is only suited for dash mounting, its locking arm makes adjusting and locking the display above it a quick and hassle-free experience. Sadly though, the locking is towards you rather than away, resulting in the locking bar sticking underneath the chin of the display.

I also liked its quick seek bar for FM frequencies. Many displays adopt a lazier button interface, or the tracking in a bar interface is a lot more janky. The P3 is smooth and fast, just like searching through a radio from yesteryear, the way it should be.

CarPlay and Android Auto worked great with both platforms displaying sharply and screen interactions being acceptable for the display type and CPU that’s inside its slim display casing. Its call audio delay was great, and its microphone did the job, but for a front-mounted microphone, I was expecting a little bit better than some displays that gave better quality and were mounted behind the display. Connecting to Bluetooth will use either your phone microphone or the car’s microphone if your car’s Bluetooth-enabled stereo uses one.

Wheel controls also work while in Bluetooth audio mode, however, I wasn’t able to invoke Apple’s Assistant, whereas, on some other displays, I was able to. There was also an issue with no setting for swapping the dock between left and right-hand drivers. Hopefully, a future firmware can at least add this functionality.

Although USB/TF Card media playback was great, with audio in sync from each of my test video files, and music also played back formats from WAV, FLAC, MP3 and AAC, the same can’t be said for its AirPlay and Miracast. Sadly, like many other displays, this was a total failure. Not only did it take me a while to connect through its frustrating Wi-Fi interface (which never saves the entered password!), but once it did work, it was over 500-600ms of audio delay, which led to any viewing ending up in frustration. Relying on Miracast rather than Google’s stock casting function is another letdown for Android users who don’t have this built into their smartphones.

For $89 on Amazon, this 7-inch car stereo display from Eonon is a decent budget display for those seeking a CarPlay/Android Auto display for their ageing car stereo. I found all of its audio output options to be acceptable for its price, and if you can improve its lack of bass in AUX mode (by using a system-based equaliser), then that will certainly help here too. Its video and music output from a connected USB or inserted TF Card adds further entertainment to the car. While its wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto option helps to operate and charge your phone at the same time, which is a great addition that many other brands are choosing not to adopt anymore. So overall, there is a lot to like from this display if you can look over or work around its minor flaws.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:32 – Unboxing
1:06 – Feature & Design
3:10 – Power Up & Main Menu Interface
4:16 – Settings
5:42 – Wireless Apple CarPlay
9:26 – Wireless Android Auto
10:34 – Video & Music Playback via USB TF Card
12:19 – Wired CarPlay & Android Auto
13:43 – In-Car Installation & Demo
15:45 – Onboard Speaker Audio Test
16:40 – FM Transmission Audio Test
17:58 – AUX Audio Test
19:42 – Bluetooth Audio Test
22:00 – Video Audio Sync
23:21 – My Impressions
25:11 – AirPlay & Miracast Video Casting

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