Elago MS4 Apple MagSafe Desktop Charging Stand for iPhone 12 Review

Enjoy our Elago MS4 Apple MagSafe Desktop Charging Stand for iPhone 12 review. You can buy the Elago MS4 MagSafe Charger Stand for $26.99 from Amazon US https://amzn.to/37ZaMR2 or for £24.99 from Amazon UK https://amzn.to/3q9Bv3o.

Elago MS3 MagSafe Charging Stand:
https://amzn.to/3kyzMDy (US)
https://amzn.to/3raXAjE (UK)

The MS4 MagSafe Charging stand from Elago recently released a few MagSafe stands on Amazon, here in the UK, and I know they have been selling in the US for a little while on Amazon too.

In the box you just get the stand itself, there’s no instruction manual or any extra accessoires that it comes with. The stand comes in two parts, there is the metal stand itself, and there is a circular black rubber piece that holds the MagSafe Charger and connects it to the metal stand.

The stand is made of a solid aluminum metal material, and it features a C-shape side profile that looks almost like an Apple iMac stand – with its wide footprint base, sloping forward neck piece, and at it drops downwards at the front. 

The front has a large hole cut out in the middle which fits the included black rubber Magsafe holder. You pass your Apple MagSafe charger through the rubber holder, pressing it firmly in place to secure it and then you slide the rubber piece into the hole of the metal stand. The cable naturally follows the curves of the stand and the USB-C end of the MagSafe charger cable passes through a small hole on the neck of the stand. All together, this helps hide the USB cable when looking at the stand from the front.

On the bottom of the stand there are just four rubber feet. This helps give some friction to the stand and help prevent it from sliding backwards when you place your iPhone onto it, however it isn’t as strong or stable as the nano grip material I have shown on another MagSafe charger stand that I’ve reviewed recently.

Thanks to its iMac-like C-shape design, the stand stays well in place when you place your iPhone onto it, mostly because you are applying downward force onto the stand, and it’s this angle of pressure that stops it from sliding backwards, which is pretty clever thinking by Elago.

The MS4 Stand comes in 3 colours including Black, Blue and Silver. The silver one we received for review is a nice colour that compliments any other Apple devices on your desktop, such as an iMac, and its keyboard and mouse. Unlike its 2 other darker colour options, I find the silver colour helps to make it appear less bulky, yet I do find the black rubber part at the front a little overpowering, and it could have been grey, or even white, to match the MagSafe a little better. If you buy the black colour though, it would all look a lot better as the black rubber and metal will appear more seamless.

The overhang design of the stand makes it even easier to remove your iPhone from the stand. I like that I can pick up my iPhone from the bottom without touching any part of the stand. If you are quick to grab it, or take your iPhone off at an angle, the iPhone can be removed without any movement from what is a fairly lightweight stand. But doing it slowly, or taking the iPhone away from the stand at the same angle results in some stand movement.

Without a heavy base or frame material, or any form of nano grip material on the underside of the base, it is highly likely that you will be readjusting the stand back to its desired resting spot on your desk every now and then, once you’ve placed and removed your iPhone from it a few times.

The Elago MS4 Charging Stand for the Apple MagSafe Charger retails for £23.99 or $26.99 from Amazon, and you can check out my links below. It doesn’t come with an Apple MagSafe Charger, so you do have to factor in another $39 if you still need to buy one

For its asking price, it does seem a little high to me, for what is basically a shaped metal frame and a bit of rubber for your MagSafe charger to go into. A price point below $20 would have been a more desirable price to me, but its design is certainly nice to look at, it stands well on your desktop, and its stability is great, without requiring too much movement or adjustment.

There are two similar metal stands from Elago. There is the MS4 stand and there is another stand called the MS3. For me, I prefer the overhanging, hovering design of the MS4 Stand than the upright slope on Elago’s alternative MS3 stand, but in comparison, the MS4 does look like it has a wider and deeper overall footprint, which is likely helping with its overall stability. The MS3 stand looks slimmer and its base doesn’t look as deep, but I can’t compare its stability until I can get hands-on with one.

I like that you can easily pick up the iPhone off of the stand without touching the stand frame itself, and the angle that it positions your iPhone at makes the screen easily readable. With its upright angle, FaceID has no problem unlocking your lock screen whilst glancing at it from just under 2ft away – which is more than enough for desktop use.

So if you are looking for a desktop MagSafe stand, and its price doesn’t phase you too much, on top of the separate added cost of a MagSafe charger (if you haven’t got one), then the MS4 Stand from Elago is definitely worth looking at.

You can buy the Elago MS4 MagSafe Charger Stand for $26.99 from Amazon US https://amzn.to/37ZaMR2 or for £24.99 from Amazon UK https://amzn.to/3q9Bv3o.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Brief overview
0:37 – Unboxing
0:58 – Materials & design
1:21 – Installation
1:30 – Cable management
1:48 – Stand base and stability
2:24 – Colour options
3:02 – Overhang design & stand movement
3:44 – Price and my impressions
4:26 – Elago MS3 vs MS4 stands

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