EKSA EM600 RGB Gaming Mouse & GT1 Cobra Wireless BT 5.0 Gaming Earbuds Review

In this video, I check out two gaming accessories from EKSA, the EM600 Wired Gaming Mouse, and GT1 Wireless BT 5.0 Gaming Earbuds.

You can buy the EM600 for $15.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3JKirm8 or for £24.99 from Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/3jJvVE6.

The GT1 Wireless Gaming Earbuds for $34.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3uKChcK or for £31.99 from Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/3uG7e1H

Both of these products from EKSA carry a level of ‘Gamer’ in their style, design, as well as their function. They both offer decent performance and specs for the relatively low bar entry price. Meaning you get some snazzy-looking accessories for your gaming setup.

EKSA EM600 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The EM600 is a wired gaming mouse with RGB lighting underneath, in its scroll wheel and case logo. It’s not all visuals though with this mouse. You get 8 programmable buttons on PC (less programmable on Mac – Grr).

The top small buttons are meant to control the DPI levels, from 500dpi, all the way up to 12000dpi (through its installed software driver). Default is 1000dpi and the higher you go, the more sensitive and precise the mouse gets in gaming as well as in general use.

The scroll wheel feels smooth and silent when scrolling, yet it is stepped. And the top left and right clickable buttons are responsive and have a more deeper click sound to them, making them appear a little more premium.

Over on the left side of this right-handed mouse, you’ll find three more programmable buttons. The top two sit along the edge of the case, idea for weapon switching in games, or interaction commands. Below these buttons is one large, and very red, thumb resting button.

I found this button to be quite good in games, as the thumb rests very naturally on it (without accidentally pressing it) and it offers a very fast way to interact or trigger a special mappable command. I used this in Far Cry 6 to great effect, using it to toggle crouching modes.

At 90grams, the mouse is very light, and its pads underneath help it glide across my fabric desk mat with no problem. Also underneath is a button to help toggle the RGB light around the base of the mouse. This can also be programmed via the downloadable software driver, along with a number of macros, gun commands, performance tweaks, and mapping of buttons.

Overall, I found the mouse decent for its price point and it came with a decent level of customisation and it was very responsive in games. If you’re looking for an RGB gaming mouse, and you don’t mind the boot-lace material wired cable, then give the EM600 a look.

EKSA GT1 Cobra Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The GT1 Wireless Earbuds, also named Cobra, are clearly aimed at gamers with their first initial looks. Once paired up to my iPhone and Android running high quality streamed music, they sounded punchy and filling, but I found they lacked some fitness in the music department.

With gaming, your ears don’t have to be as critical, especially with games featuring explosions and gunfire. The GT1 held very well in this camp, with its heavy bass being very present in games like Far Cry 6.

I was first worried about lag when gaming earphones, but the GT1 Earbuds did very well. I didn’t notice any considerable lag that would ruin my wireless gaming experience. And I came out of it pleasantly surprised overall.

Their battery life offered more than I needed, with life left in them for many more hourly sessions to follow. Through the 500mAh charging case into the mix and you get plenty of gaming time with them between charges of the case.

If you wish to cut the cord with your gaming audio, then for the relatively low entry price, these gamified earbuds do a decent job, just don’t expect them to blow you away in the music department.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:29 – EM600 Wired Gaming Mouse Review
9:16 – GT1 Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

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