Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum & Mop With Hot Water Self-Washing Review

In this video, I check out the Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum & Mop. You can buy this robot vacuum for $699.99 from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £799 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, for $999.99 from Amazon CA 👉🏻, and for €799 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

This is the most feature-packed robot I’ve reviewed on this channel. It features TrueMapping 2.0 technology, a 55C hot water self-cleaning station, up to 6000PA of suction power, carpet detection with intelligent mop head lifting and many more that I’ll be going into later in this review.

The first thing that struck me was the size of its box. It’s not the regular suitcase size of a box that I am used to, it is more the size of a small piece of furniture. This size is due to the self-cleaning station that comes bundled with the T20 vacuum, which stores 4L of clean and dirty water, contains and 3L dust bag, and it also stores, cleans and charges the vacuum from the station.

Inside the box, you get the cleaning station, its power lead, two rotating brushes, two mopping pads, two cleaning tools, manuals and the T20 vacuum itself.

Installing the T20 OMNI

Installation first involves finding a suitable location to position the station in your home. It’s rather large, measuring approximately 58cm H x 45cm W x 39cm D, so finding a suitable location in my home was a challenge as you also need enough free space around it.

After supplying power to the cleaning station, I attached the colour-coded rotating brushes to the bottom of the vacuum and placed the vacuum into the cleaning station to charge it.

Turning my attention to my iPhone, I downloaded the EcoVacs app and followed the installation instructions to connect the vacuum to my local WiFi network. Once connected, the app opens up with various options and features for the vacuum, from updating it to the latest firmware to starting its first mapping routine. 

Mapping My Home

With the house free from clutter, the vacuum can go about each room in the home and using its built-in lidar and optical avoidance sensors, it navigated much quicker than other robot vacuums and it mapped my home pretty accurately. The T20 mapped my home of 85sqm in just 6 minutes. The map itself was good considering the vacuum didn’t go around the edges of the home and just used its sensors. Once complete, my home’s floor plan is soon displayed in the app, ready for further customisation or you can start cleaning right away. 

In the map area of the app, you can split detected rooms into separate rooms, name them, and create larger rooms or zones by merging them together. You can also create virtual no-go boundaries wherever don’t want the vacuum to go.

T20 OMNI Vacuuming Performance

Starting a clean can be done by touching the button on the top of the cleaning station, via a button on the vacuum itself, in the app, or using your voice by saying ‘OK Yoki, start cleaning’ – Alexa and Google smart home assistants also work too.

The vacuum has four main modes. The first two are vacuuming and mopping only modes, the third is simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, and the final mode will see the T20 vacuum the home first, and then mop the entire home after. Each mode suits the task you wish the vacuum to complete. A simple vacuum only might be a daily routine, whilst the time it takes for vacuuming and then moping to complete should be reserved for times when no one is home, once or twice a month. 

You can choose out of three sweeping modes, the default is the middle of the two, or you can make it do tighter paths for a longer and more thorough clean, or for a quick vacuum you can reduce the width of its path so it takes less time but the cleaned area is covered less, which makes it ideal for a brisk clean where the home isn’t that dirty.

The T20 vacuums very well, thanks to its 6000PA of suction power. All this is handled surprisingly quietly too which is really good to see as some vacuums can be a lot louder during their maximum setting. The T20 is so much quieter that it made me feel it wasn’t as powerful, but placing a few heavier objects in its path assured me its suction power was decent over other models. 

The T20 navigated my home very well, considering it had lots of boxes and builder tools littered around my home. It avoided going over small lower objects like food trays, and I found its general navigation Intelligence around the home was very good, probably one of the best I’ve tested myself. With TrueDetect 3D 3.0, this makes the T20 one smart robot, as it can detect and avoid newly found objects within its current path.

You can choose during or at the end of each cleaning routine for the vacuum to return to the station to empty its waste bin into the vacuum bag that’s located inside the cleaning station. This means you do not have to empty the vacuum as frequently, and its removable 3L dust bag helps reduce the amount of dust and dirt you have to see and physically dispose of. I would have preferred a bag-less solution here, but you can get greener reusable bags to save the planet and reduce the need to buy multiple dust bags every few months. 

T20 OMNI Mopping Performance

I’ve reviewed a number of robot mopping vacuums and neither really came with such dedicated mopping features as the T20 OMNI.

Rather than dragging a wet pad around the home, the T20 OMNI features two removable rotating heads at the rear. Matched with its large cleaning station that features separate clean and dirty water tanks, dirt is not only kept separated, the water is also heated to 55C (131F) to help clean the round mopping pads more thoroughly and hygienic than cold water mopping vacuums. The station also has a drying cycle which makes sure the wet pads are not left wet or cause any damp conditions around the vacuum.

As for its cleaning performance, with its intelligent mapping and navigation, raising its mopping heads 9mm when it detects carpets and mats, to its separate clean and dirty water tanks, the T20 performs very well as a mopping robot vacuum. You can choose to make regular returns to the station to clean its pads, making sure the vacuum just isn’t dragging a wet dirty pad around your home – just like many other simple mopping vacuums do. 

My Impressions

The Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI currently retails for $699.99 with a coupon on Amazon, £799 from Amazon UK, and €799 from Amazon DE, and you can check out my links in this article, support the channel, and buy one.

Spending this much on a robot vacuum can be a little overwhelming, but in my experience with a few other vacuums, the current deal prices are very good for a vacuum that packs this much functionality and technology. 

Overall, it really is a case of you get what you pay for with robot vacuums. The cheaper you go, the less intelligent they become and the less they clean or the features they come with. For your money, you get a very capable vacuum, that rarely needs any hand-holding as it goes about its tasks. It has some great features, such as placing sofas, beds, litter trays, and toilets around your home that you can easily instruct to clean around. Naming each room allows you to swiftly instruct the T20 to clean certain rooms, and all this can be done from the app or more simply with your home voice assistant.

I like its app very much. There are plenty of sub-areas that can overwhelm you at first, but over time you get to know where key areas are that you visit often. Or you can simply choose to schedule the T20 on a specific day and time in the week to carry out specific cleans or mopping routines for a carefree operation.

I found its cleaning and mopping function to be one of the better robot vacuums I’ve tested, with just a handful of rare times where it had got stuck on edges of mats and turned up corners of rugs that could be easily fixed for the next time it cleaned. Its raising of moping heads makes sure you don’t have to remove or add any components from the vacuum if you just want to clean or mop, knowing these aren’t going to be unnecessarily dragged around the house.

Its sensors navigate a currently busy floor space in my home very well, although it does feel less ambitious when cleaning around table chairs. The T20 would rather avoid going between the dining table and chair area of my home, whereas other (likely more dumb) robot vacuums would try to attempt it and waste considerable battery and time navigating what is a complex object in the home for a robot vacuum.

If you want an intelligent robot vacuum for an easy cleaning life around your home, you have the space for its cleaning station, and you can afford the hefty price tag, then the T20 Omni is one vacuum I would recommend you put on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:28 – Unboxing
1:37 – App & Setup
1:55 – Mapping Home
2:51 – T20 OMNI Vacuuming
5:38 – T20 OMNI Mopping
6:50 – My Impressions

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