Coral Vision Apple CarPlay Lite Display Install in a 2013 Vauxhall Astra Mk 6

Enjoy my Coral Vision Wireless CarPlay Display Install in Vauxhall Astra Mk 6. You can buy this installation-free display for $290 (+ shipping and duty) from Coral Vision directly 👉🏻 Coral Vision CarPlay Lite or via Amazon U.K.

In this video, I take a non-CarPlay low spec vehicle (Astra Mk6) and install wireless CarPlay in a matter of minutes, thanks to the easy CarPlay solution of the Coral Vision CarPlay Lite Display.

I tried installing it in the side vents of the centre console, but sadly the display is a little too close and it is also partially blocked by the wheel and side stalks. So I decided to use the accessories that come in the box to mount the display in the middle, just slightly above its central display.

Using the built-in FM radio I can listen to music from CarPlay over the Astra’s existing stereo system. Just select a frequency-free value by slowly going dialing through your local FM radio and listening out for a frequency that has no stations playing through it. For some regions, this can be very hard, so Aux might be a better option.

Once you’ve found a frequency that is free from radio stations, go to the FM transmitter section on the Coral Vision display and enter the same frequency. Turn on the FM mode at the bottom of the screen and you should now hear CarPlay audio come through your existing car stereo speakers.

If you have an AUX input port and you don’t mind an extra wire, I recommend this method if you think it sounds better, or if you run into busy FM frequencies in your local region. AUX will be static-free, although I find with the right frequency, the FM transmission can sound just as good and you only have the power cable to worry about.

The 3M adhesive plate kept the mount fixed to the dashboard, even after minutes of just sticking it down. The mount can be rotated if you want to have a longer reach to the centre console area, or if you wish to mount it lower down on your windscreen too.

Overall, for the price of a low-mid range AV system, you can get the Coral Vision Lite (or Pro) display, do the installation yourself and save a bundle. Share the console display with friends or family, or even take it on holiday to use on non-CarPlay enabled hired cars, boats, and RVs/motorhomes.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:14 – Installation
4:17 – Powering the display
5:19 – Driver’s position view
6:00 – BT pair & FM transmission
7:37 – AUX audio output
8:21 – Built-in audio
8:44 – Charging & media playback
9:24 – Wrap up

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