Compact Under Monitor BT Soundbar | Creative Stage Air V2 Unbox Test & Review

In this video, I check out the new compact Creative Stage Air V2 Soundbar.

You can buy this soundbar for $44.99 from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £54.99 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €59.99 from Amazon DE 👉🏻 You can also learn more and buy this soundbar from their own website here 👉🏻

This is a compact, under-monitor USB soundbar for PC and Mac desktops, mobiles, and also games consoles, with a wireless connection option over Bluetooth 5.3, dual drivers, a passive radiator and it has an internal 2200mAh battery so you can disconnect and take the Stage Air V2 anywhere and it should last up to 6 hours. 

In the box, there is a paper instruction manual and warranty info, there is the Stage Air V2 soundbar, a 1.2m USB C to USB A cable to charge, supply digital audio and power the speaker and a 1.2m 3.5mm analogue audio lead.

Design & Features

Looking over the soundbar, its compact size measures 410mm wide x 94mm deep and 75mm high. So it’s a good enough size to fit under most monitors and TV stands. It has a minimalistic design, featuring a full-width metal grill at the front with a Creative logo on the left side and a small LED power and connection status light underneath the grill on the right. It’s a 2.0 speaker setup with two full-range drivers on either side of the bass radiator in the middle that will output a total of 20W of clear audio from the front of the speaker.

On its right side, there are some basic controls to change volume, skip tracks, play and pause music and pair to a Bluetooth device and cycle between the three input sources, Bluetooth, AUX and USB. 

At the back of the soundbar there is a USB-C port to power and also transmit digital audio to it from a PC or Mac desktop or a games console like a Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. Alongside the USB-C port, there is a 3.5mm AUX port for a more analogue connection to other devices, such as a TV, mobile, tablet and games consoles and desktop computers. 

Underneath the soundbar, there are just two rubber feet which help stabilise the speaker on a flat surface and also absorb any vibrations from the speaker at high volume.

My Impressions

This Stage Air V2 from Creative currently retails for $44.99 from Amazon US, £54.99 from Amazon UK, and €59.99 from Amazon DE, and I’ll leave direct below to learn more about this compact soundbar and to buy one.

For a wireless connection this Stage Air V2 uses Bluetooth 5.3 for a low latency connection, which for most situations, it is more than fast enough for playing back music from a mobile, tablet or laptop.

Whether connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth or hardwired over a cable connection over AUX or USB I didn’t hear much difference in sound quality between each of them. So it all comes down to what devices you wish to connect to it and how many wires you want to clutter your desktop up with. A wire-free Bluetooth connection is the best method for any minimalist desktop, but in time you will need to recharge the device, so eventually, you will have at least the USB-C cable powering the speaker.

With less than half a meter in width don’t expect a wide stereo separation on this speaker. Playing back audio tracks with left and right separation showed how very narrow this speaker can push out the left and right channels.

Its overall audio quality is relatively good though, for its price, its vocals in music and movies are very clear, and its 20W power and bass radiator does a decent job at filling a small room, yet it doesn’t really have enough power to give any wall-shaking bass, a subwoofer or a more expensive speaker setup is needed for that. It will do a better job at a similarly priced separate computer speaker setup, with acceptable levels of bass for its size, however, you would get a wider stereo separation with separate speakers than a soundbar of this size, but at the cost of more wires on your desktop, with some alternatives being less powered and yet some still require a separate wall adapter connection to power them.

With the Creative Stage Air V2, it will certainly be better than your monitor’s built-in audio or speaker and soundbar brands that float in the sub $40 price range. For true audio presence for movies and gaming, I recommend you look for a soundbar with a separate subwoofer, like Creative’s Stage V2 with Sound Blaster Tech soundbar or the Creative Stage 360 with Dolby Atmos. But if you’re looking for a compact and minimal setup that is also portable to be used around the home, then give this Stage Air V2 soundbar from Creative a listen.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:35 – Unboxing
0:55 – Design & Features
2:32 – My Impressions
2:59 – EDM Music Sound Test
3:55 – Lip sync BT test

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