Cheap ANC Earbuds That Sound Great! | SuperEQ Q2 Pro Review

Enjoy my SuperEQ Q2 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Wireless BT EarBuds Review.

You can buy these earbuds for $69.99 from Amazon US → or for £69.99 from Amazon UK → and €69.99 from Amazon DE → or with a 20% from their store directly (currently offering Buy 1 get 1 Free) → using code ‘GETQ2PRO’.

In this video, I look at the Q2 Pro in-ear earbuds from SuperEQ. These are a pair of Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds that feature Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) with Transparency mode.

They come with their own charging carry case, which together brings a total of 30 hours of playtime. That’s more than enough for a few days of music listening before charging them back up using the bundled USB-C charging cable.

The earbuds come in a black and gold colour scheme. A brave colour combo, that looks decent, and the gold flair doesn’t stand out that much for even the most macho man.

Controlling content is done by tapping on the touch-sensitive buttons on the outside of each earbud. Usually, I am not a fan of this method, but due to their size and lack of stems, there isn’t much you can do to control your media through these relatively small earbuds. Luckily you don’t have to press on the sensors much to interact with them, so this prevents any major pressure on your ears when tapping on them, but because of this sensitivity, you will find accidental presses can occur regularly when removing them from the charging case, or if you find yourself adjusting them in your ears.

Comparison to AirPods Pro

Being an iPhone user along with Apple AirPod Pros, I did wonder how the Q2 Pros would match up alongside them, both in music playback and in their noise cancelling.

Listening to the Q2 Pros for a number of days, I must say, I was impressed with how these performed. In the majority of genres I tried, the level of bass seemed better than the Apple AirPod Pros, and usually, earbuds in this price range lack in the high-end treble, bud the Q2 Pros we much better at this range, but it did sound a little muddy in the midrange area.

Overall, on a budget, the Q2 Pro did a significant attempt at matching my Apple earbuds that cost me 3.5x the price of these from SuperEQ. This low-end market is really starting to put some pressure on Apple’s premium earbuds.

Size & Comfort

The two major drawbacks I got from my time with the Q2 Pros were their size and comfort. These buds are quite beefy in this size, compared to Apples and similar earbuds. Their size might be contributing to their audio performance, but their size and weight also contribute to their comfort.

I had the earbuds in for almost 3 hours, and after the first hour, they started to feel a little saw in my ears. These were definitely not the kind of earbuds I could have in all day. They didn’t feel too secure in my ears either, enough to not recommend them for running or any high activity. I had to play around with the ear tip sizes before I could get an even balance of audio, so overall, the Q2 Pros couldn’t quite sit comfortably in my ears for long periods with continuous adjustment and ‘ear breaks’.

Your own ear experience might vary with these earbuds. So if you’re looking for a budget pair of ANC earbuds, the Q2 Pros sound great, with a decent level of ANC that at times sounded on par, if not better, than Apple’s own. Their recording microphones didn’t work as well as Apple’s beam-forming microphones, especially whilst in a noisy environment.

At $69.99, these are a great pair of earbuds, just as long as you can get the perfect fit in order to get the best sound out of their 12mm drivers, you don’t might their size or their fairly sensitive touch controls.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:47 – Unboxing
2:22 – Charging Case
2:44 – Earbuds
4:15 – BT Pairing
4:35 – Fit
4:56 – Microphone Recording
5:49 – ANC
6:15 – Size
7:14 – My Impressions

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