Cheap 10,000 mAh MagSafe Battery Pack for $38! | CAVN Power Bank with Kickstand Review

In this video, I check out the CAVN 10,000 mAh MagSafe Battery Pack with Kickstand.

You can buy this power bank for $29.99 from Amazon US ➡️, £36.99 from Amazon UK ➡️, and €33.98 from Amazon DE ➡️

This power bank provides 10,000 mAh of battery capacity in a fairly pocketable size, whilst offering up to 15W of wireless MagSafe charging and 22W of fast charging using its additional USB-C port connection. There is also a handy kickstand attached to the back of the battery pack to help prop up your phone, which saves you the need to carry another stand along with you. 

In the box, you get the small paper instructions manual, there’s the battery pack itself and there is a small USB-A to C charging cable to recharge the battery with. 


Looking over the battery pack. Due to its large 10,000 mAh capacity, its thickness is a little on the chunky side, when compared to the slimmer and lighter 3,000 to 5,000 mAh battery packs that are out there. 

On one side there is a clear visible MagSafe ring with its centralising vertical segment to help keep the charger magnetised and centrally positioned onto the back of your iPhone.

Turning our attention to the bottom of the battery pack you’ll see a set of five LED charging indicators, a USB-C charging port and a single button that allows you to manually start and stop charging as well as check up on how charged the battery pack is.

On the outer side of the battery pack, you’ll see a feature that we are starting to see added to newer battery packs. A foldable kickstand comes attached to the back side of the battery pack to allow you to charge and also prop up your phone in one go.

The end of the folding stand magnetises to one central point on the back of the power bank and this can give two available angles of how you can position the stand. one that’s quite vertical and another that’s angled much lower.

My Impressions

I took this battery pack with me on a recent holiday and its large capacity has proven to be extremely helpful whilst out and about when a wall charger hasn’t been within reach. I’ve used it to simultaneously charge my iPhone 13 Pro and Apple AirPods Pro wirelessly and charge from its USB-C output port for things like my Apple Watch (using an adapter), an iPad Pro and an XTU S3 Pro Action Camera that I’ll be reviewing soon on this channel.

The magnetism of the MagSafe ring is very strong, possibly one of the strongest I’ve tested on a MagSafe battery pack. You can use the MagSafe charging ring on an iPhone 12 or newer, whilst also wirelessly charging other wireless charging mobiles and accessories, such as an AirPods Pro charging case.

At 215grams, I found that this battery pack can feel a little heavy if being stowed in a trouser or jacket pocket. It weighs more than any modern iPhone, so it can feel like you’re carrying another iPhone along with you. Its relatively small size though does make it easy to stow it away in a laptop bag or backpack, and its large capacity will assure that you have enough charging power for a number of devices, throughout the whole day.

I tried a few charging tests on this battery pack. Charging my iPhone wirelessly from a battery capacity of 36%, I received 9.4W of charging power, whilst charging via the USB-C port resulted in a max charging power of 14.2W. Wireless charging from a battery capacity of 48% whilst simultaneously charging my Google Pixel over USB-C dropped the wireless charging rate to around 4.6W.

I found the rear kickstand to be a nice addition to the battery pack, as it helps prop my iPhone up for video watching or a facetime call whilst it sits on a flat table surface or desktop space. Its size can overwhelm an iPhone 13 Mini, but my iPhone 13 Pro fits perfectly placed either vertically or horizontally on the magnetic surface, whilst maintaining a decent level of stability. Its magnetic portion of the battery is slightly raised upwards to help the battery not interfere with the large camera bump at the back of the phone, but as a result, it does make the whole battery pack a little deeper than it needs to be.

This battery pack has a lot going for it when you compare it against the similar 10,000mAh MagSafe Battery Pack from Anker. It’s slightly lighter, it has a better kickstand, it has a strong magnet, it has a faster USB-C charging output port, and more importantly, it’s half the price. So if you’re after a large capacity battery pack that offers both MagSafe wireless charging as well as offer fast charging from a USB-C cable port, this battery pack from CAVN is a decent charging companion for any tech-laden traveller.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:30 – Unboxing
0:39 – Features
1:14 – Kickstand
1:40 – My Impressions
3:01 – Charging tests

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