BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Review

UPDATE: #4 Wireless CarPlay Dongle in my new 2022 round-up – View this here!

Enjoy my BROxiongdi Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Review.

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In this video, I’ll be looking at the 2021 Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter from BROxiongdi. It is a wireless CarPlay adaptor for wired CarPlay factory systems and aftermarkets.

I am not sure how wide its compatibility is, however, because it uses the August U2W firmware, expect similar or exact compatibility with vehicles as the CarPlay2Air and CarlinKit 2.0 dongles.

Overall, it is pretty much the same experience as the CarPlay2Air dongle or CarlinKit 2.0 dongle with the older U2W firmware. You saw that my bootup time was between 30-40seconds, which is around the same as what I get with the CarPlay2air and earlier CarLinkit dongles.

I found the dongle still crashes when inserting a USB cable to charge the iPhone, so that’s nothing different to other dongles of this type, plus you wouldn’t want to be charging from this port anyway, as it would pass so little charging power to your iPhone.

I guess the top and bottom materials along with its side air vents will help with cooling, so it may overheat less during any long-term use of this dongle, but I have yet to be able to test this out myself.

It’s a shame its maker didn’t choose the faster AutoKit UI, for a faster overall boot-up time. But once you’re in CarPlay the experience is no different from any other wireless CarPlay dongles.

Inside, it is using the newer Realtek Wi-Fi5 chip, however, like the CarlinKit Mini, it only has one antenna, so it has half of its overall bandwidth speed.

So between the two, the Mini would be the better buy due to its faster AutoKit firmware. But with its additional USB port, you do have the ability to record the dongle without relying on over-the-air updates.

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