Best Wireless Charger For Apple iPhone 11 and 12? | Zeera 5-in-1 MagSafe Charging Stand Review

Enjoy my Zeera 5-in-1 MagSafe Charging Stand Review. You can buy this multiple wireless charging station for $55.99 from Zeera directly here → . Use the current code ‘FS30’ at checkout for free shipping, and if you subscribe to their mailing list you can get an additional 10% off your order.

As your tech increases, so does the number of devices accumulate on your nightstand or desktop that require charging. There are a growing number of charging stands available and today we have a new one from Zeera which offers five features in one single charging stand that will allow you to charge multiple wireless and wired devices along with a few extra features too.

What’s in the box?

In the box you get the dock itself, there is a 1meter long fast charging compatible USB-C to USB-C cable, and as an optional accessory, you can also order this magnetic USB A to USB C charging cable that costs an additional $11. There is no wall adapter in the box, so you will have to supply one yourself that is at least 20W, in order to get the best out of this charging stand.

Features & Function

The stand’s design looks similar to the much pricier charging stand from Belkin, however, this stand from Zeera comes with some additional features to make up its 5-in-1 name, so let’s cover each one of those now…

The first is the MagSafe compatible charging stand for MagSafe-supported iPhones, such as the iPhone 12 and upwards. If you have a magnetic case for your iPhone 11, then this should work also. Once attached to the stand, your iPhone looks like it’s floating, which gives it plenty of room to make it very easy to remove it from the dock when you are ready to remove it. It supports up to 15 W of wireless charging, as long as you plug the strand’s USB cable into a 20W wall charger. There’s plenty of room around the charging plate to mount your iPhone horizontally, should you have this stand on a desk and you wish to watch videos, FaceTime or for video conferencing.

Over on the other side, you have a 3W wireless charging point for an Apple Watch. This is also magnetic, which helps attach and position the Apple Watch nicely onto the charging stand, and keeps it vertically in place. I found it unfortunate that you’re unable to rotate this element on the sidearm, forward and backwards, so you’re quite forced to have the Apple Watch point a little too much upwards than I would have liked, and unless you remove the watch strap, you’re unable to position the watch sideways, so I couldn’t use the sideways nightstand clock that I prefer.

Below the Apple Watch stand, there is a 15W wireless charging plate for your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro wireless charging case. And because it is a Qi wireless charging plate, that means you can also use this charging point for a second wireless charging phone, or any other wireless charging device that will fit on the plate below.

The fourth feature of this 5-in-1 stand is a 10W USB-A output port at the back, which allows you to charge another device via a USB cable that you attach to it. This could be anything from another phone that doesn’t have wireless charging, a power bank, or any other accessory that uses a USB cable to power or charge it.

And finally, the last feature of this 5-in-1 stand is that it has a 2W power LED night lamp that runs along the back of the vertical and horizontal arms of the dock. I found this to be a great feature if you’re using this as a nightstand beside your bed, as you can minimize your nightstand area by reducing the number of individual charging docks and lamps into one small reasonably sized docking station beside your bed, or on a desktop table surface.

The 2W LED light has three brightness levels, which can be toggled by tapping on the dedicated light button that’s located on the base of the stand. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to tap anywhere on the dock to enable the light, and you are also forced to go through all of the three brightness levels before you can turn the light off.

The 2W light brightness is adequate for bedtime use, but I am not a fan of its cold blue/white light, where I would have preferred a warmer light temperature, or at least have the ability to toggle on the back of the stand to switch between different light temperatures. This has been a recent feedback change found on earlier models of the stand, but personally, I found the cold light a little less cozy on the eyes for bedside use whilst using it as a nightstand, but it’s three brightness levels are decent for bedside use, although its 2W power isn’t bright enough for bedtime reading when it’s used on its own.

On the front of the stand, there is a small LED light that glows red when nothing is on it and also while it is charging. It did turn green when charging is complete on certain devices that are attached to it such as the wireless AirPods Pro case but most of the time it is normally glowing red which isn’t such a bad light in the dark so it doesn’t wake you by being so bright I would’ve had to liked the opportunity to dim this light or possibly turn it off for nighttime use, but it’s really not that distracting as some other wireless charging docs that I have tried with blue lights that can sometimes light up the bedroom.

My Impressions

The Zeera 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand retails for and you can knock 10%-off the price if you subscribe to their mailing list and there is currently free-shipping if you use the code FS30 at checkout. You can find all this info and my links to buy the stand in the description below.

It’s a decent wireless charging stand that consolidates all your charging devices into one single unit, which if you’re a minimalist like me you will really appreciate having everything all under one charging station, without any cables cluttering up your table surface. It comes in only in this white and chrome colour, which is great if you only have similar decor to match up against it, but it would have been nice to see other colour options too.

As I mentioned earlier, my issues with it was having to cycle through the light modes to turn the light off, where holding down the button or some alternative functionality would’ve been better here and for nightstand use that ability is really important without waking anyone else up in the same room.

The warmer or light temperature toggle would’ve been nice as well, but the current light colour and brightness isn’t so bad and it is acceptable for just night stand use, but again, it’s not strong enough for reading in bed.

But having the ability to charge my iPhone, my Apple Watch, and my Apple AirPods Pro, all on one stand is a really good solution, if you also have as many wireless charging devices as I have. Having all this covered in one single unit, connected to one single power cable, along with the built-in LED light functionality, if you’re looking for something like this, I would definitely consider this stand from Zeera.

It’s price IS a little on the high side, compared to some alternatives that are out there, but I must say there are very few Magsafe compatible stands that look as elegant as this .


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