Best Small Discrete Bike Mount for your iPhone – Loop Mount Twist Review

In this video, I check out the Loop Mount Twist Bike Phone Mount, a small and very discrete bike mount for your iPhone or Android device.

You can buy this bike mount for $68 / £60 / €68 directly from Loop Mount 👉🏻 , or £60 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €70 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

I’ve tried a number of phone bike mounts, from plastic bungee mounts to more rigid plastic mounts, and although they have done their job at mounting my iPhone on my bike handlebars, I found the bungee mounts were too bouncy and the plastic mounts were very bulky mounts when not in use and they were never able to have a good grip on my phone.

When I bought my first e-bike this year, I wanted a more discreet yet more substantial phone mount. The Loop bike mount caught my eye a few months back when it was crowdfunding on Indiegogo, so I reached out to them and they have kindly supplied their new Twist mount for this review.

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, there is the Loop Twist mount itself with its rubber medium shims preinstalled, there is a thicker shim for smaller handlebars, three thin shims for very thick handlebars, and an Allen key to open the mount up and install it onto your handlebars.

Features & Design

The Loop Twist Mount carries the same great looks and functionality as their first generation of bike mount, in that it’s a small discreet metal bracket that has two opening brackets that open outwards and expand to grip the width of your phone with up to 3kgs of grip force to keep the phone firmly in place on the mount. 

The earlier version of the Loop Mount could only hold your mobile in a horizontal position, but this new Twist edition can now be rotated a full 360 degrees to offer both horizontal and vertical mounting on your handlebars. And the best thing is when it’s not being used it folds down small enough to seamlessly blend in with the overall aesthetics of a bike’s handlebars.

There are two colours available, there is this matte black colour and there is a matt silver colour that might suit bikes with white, chrome or silver handlebars. It measures 52mm in diameter by 30mm in width, and it weighs just 117 grams.

Installation & Fit

Installation is super easy. You locate a suitable spot on your bike’s handlebars. Most circular standard handlebar thicknesses are supported, from 22.2mm to 31.8mm, by using either of the two rubber shim sizes or using its set of three elastomer shims for really thick handlebars. You then use the supplied Allen key to undo the mount, position the Loop mount around your handlebars, and then tighten the two screws back into the mount to secure the mount firmly in place. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a straight run at the centre of my handlebars, so the mount sits a little at an angle. This can be compensated for by slightly rotating the mount, but because it has a few set angle segments as its turns, a knock or a bump will eventually rotate the mount and my phone into one of these positions and position my phone a little wonky.

Although it is recommended to mount the Loop Mount with the logo facing outwards, due to the 360 nature of the mount, this isn’t as important. The reason for this is due to a small ridge on one of the folding brackets that makes it easier to open the mount with one hand. 

Inserting your mobile into the Loop Twist Mount is sadly not a one-handed manoeuvre, as it can be on some more simple bike phone mounts, but that’s the compromise of having such a small and discreet folding mount. There is a small ridge on one bracket to allow you to flip it up, insert your mobile and push it outwards to open the bracket up, then with the second hand, you then flick up the second bracket, expand it outwards and drop your mobile in between them. The brackets will contract inwards to clamp the mobile tightly together.

Once your phone is mounted you can then easily rotate the mount with your phone attached between horizontal and vertical positions and 3 increment angles in between. The rotating mechanism is very sturdy and it takes some good pressure to rotate the mount between each varying degree, so it should easily keep its position when riding over bumps in the road and on gravel dirt track surfaces.

My Impressions

This Loop Twist Mount currently retails for $68, £60 or €69 directly from the Loop Mount Store. You can also buy it on Amazon for a similar price in the UK and Europe. And I’ll leave direct links to these down below so you can learn more about the mount and buy one.

I tested this mount on a number of surfaces. From road tarmac to grassy and gravel paths, and I also tested it down some very bumpy off-road trails. I didn’t have any issues with the phone leaving the mount. The mount is made for road cycling and maybe lite gravel trails, but in all my tests it performed perfectly, with only serious downhill bumps only made my phone slide down so the edges of the bracket depressed my side buttons and either changed volume, enter emergency mode or if filming from the camera start or stop recording. But this was only a rare case and on very bumpy surfaces. Overall I would not hesitate to leave my phone in this mount for most of the off-road trails I do on my bike.

The odd angle that the mount gave on my bike wasn’t a fault of the mont itself and it was more my handlebar shape and where I could position the mount on it. This might have been less of an issue if the mount had more granular positions than the 3 it has between horizontal and portrait orientations. I found the 3 layer shims a little tricky to install over the solid rubber shims, and once installed it wasn’t a good enough grip on my handlebars, so I returned to the medium shims and mounted it a little further along my handlebars where it was thin enough to be used.

I was pleasantly surprised with this mount. It looks great and is very discreet when not in use, and it handled all the bumps on my usual off-road rides without falling out or slipping too much within the mount, which is amazing considering this mount is made mostly for road cycling, so if you’re one of those you have nothing to worry about here. It took the width of my iPhone 13 Pro with its Apple leather case with no problem and its expanded brackets will easily larger phones with cases like the iPhone Max or Samsung Galaxy Ultra series. Its main limitation is its thickness, which must be less than 14.5mm thick, so big bulky or rugged cases might not fit in this mount, so check their specs before buying.

If you’re looking for a small, discrete bike phone mount that doesn’t ruin the look of your bike when not in use and also performs very well on rough or bumpy terrain, then I would definitely check out this Loop Twist Mount.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:50 – Unboxing
1:09 – Features
2:15 – Installation
4:23 – My Impressions

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