Best Ring Light on Amazon? Quntis 12-Inch RGB LED Ring Light & Stand Kit Review

Enjoy my Quntis 12″ Selfie Ring Light & Stand Kit Review. You can buy this ring light for $30.99 from Amazon US or for £30.99 from Amazon UK

So over my last few videos on this channel, I have been using this ring light and stand kit from Quntis. If you browse YouTube and Instagram you will see many videos and photos being created with ring light such as this one. Even more so in beauty videos and selfies, because you can position your mobile phone or camera within the ring light and you’ll get an even spread of light in your photos and videos, and an alien-like ring of light in the reflections of their eyes. 

In the box, you get the ring light itself. There’s a collapsible floor stand that goes from 42cm (16 inches) to 163cm (64 inches) tall. There’s also a smaller 17cm tall tripod stand for desktop use and a flexible mobile mount for use with smartphones. You get a ¼-inch screw, ball head bracket included in the box to connect either stand to the ring light. This then allows you to tilt and rotate the light to position it how you want it. And finally, you get a small Bluetooth remote shutter to control your iOS or Android smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled camera from a distance. 

With all the accessories in this kit, you have plenty of choices on how to use this ring light. The small stand can be used on a desktop surface for makeup or beauty photos and videos. And with the floor standing tripod you can mount your phone or camera onto it to get a nice diffused light in your talk-to-camera videos or live streams.

For the price, the bundled tripod was a surprise for me and its quality is decent. It’s not fantastic, but it certainly reflects the price tag. Personally, I found it hard to get it vertically straight, and its build quality is a little too flimsy to mount something much heavier on it. If you’re using it with a mobile phone, this stand is perfect for that, but if you’re thinking of going more professional with a heavier camera rig or SLR, then this stand will struggle with all that extra weight. 

The ring light has four ¼ inch screw holes on it. There is one on the bottom to attach the ball head bracket onto and there are three along the top to mount the smartphone bracket onto or a camera, whilst the other two holes could be used to offset your smartphone or mount a microphone or any other equipment on to. 

The bundled mobile mount is ok for the price range. It’s quite sturdy, and the ball mount allows you to tilt and rotate your smartphone to get your phone’s camera into the best position. If you wish to use this ring light with a camera, you will need to buy a ¼ to ¼ inch screw to mount a camera onto the center of the ring light.

This light is powered by a single USB cable that’s molded onto the back of the light – So this cable can’t be replaced. At about 1 meter down the USB cable, you’ll find the inline remote control for controlling everything that the ring light is able to do. From turning it on and off to set the brightness, stepping through 10 colour temperatures between cold and warm light. 

This ring light also does colour RGB lighting, and it has a few dedicated buttons on the cable to allow you to toggle between the 6 colour light options and there are two modes that switch between all the available colours either slowly or fast, should you want to do that too.

Being USB powered I found the light didn’t go as bright as I wanted it to. It outputs a maximum of 600 Lumens, which is similar to a 40W incandescent light bulb. So this light isn’t going to be strong enough for recording at a long distance. I would say this light is best used for low-light or close-up photos and videos, where the brightness intensity is less required. 

Between the colour options and RGB settings, you will easily find a colour that suits the kind of videos and photos you’ll want to capture. Unfortunately though, as soon as you unplug the USB cable, your light settings will be lost, and you will have to go through brightness and colour temperatures again each time you plug the light back in. This isn’t a problem if you keep the light-powered and turned off at the remote.

This ring light from Quntis retails for $30.99 from Amazon. Its price reflects the overall quality of the kit. It will certainly fulfill a beginner setup or those on a tight budget. With its various mounting solutions and table and floor tripods, there is plenty here to get you up and running. 

But should you want this light to improve a more professional camera setup or if you are shooting from a distance, then I think you will be a little disappointed. You’ll likely want to spend a little more on individual components to achieve a better quality stand and a much brighter fill light.


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