Best Battery / Solar Powered Security Camera? Reolink Argus 2 vs Ring Stick Up Camera Review

Enjoy my Reolink Argus 2 Security Camera Review.

You can buy the newer 2E version of this camera for:
$69.99 from Amazon US
£67.99 from Amazon UK

With the Solar Panel for:
$84.99 from Amazon US
AMAZING! £67.99 from Amazon UK (for a limited time).

Over the years, I used a selection of security cameras around my home. My first is Google’s Nest outdoor camera, it is a great camera that rarely lets me down, yet it is expensive and there are hidden extras to factor in, such as their Nest Aware and cloud backup services.

I also have a Ring Stickup camera in my back garden. This is a battery-powered camera, so there is the luxury of being able to place it anywhere within Wi-Fi range and leave it alone to do its thing.

Today we will be putting the Ring Stickup Camera against a new security camera that I have been given for review by ReoLink. This is the Argus 2 from Reolink, and its specs run pretty similar to the Ring Stickup Camera, so in this video I will be comparing the two, to see which is worth buying.

Both cameras can record up to 1080p HD captured video, at a 130-degree diagonal viewing angle, with 2-way audio, and both have night vision support. They both can be used indoors or outdoors. They each have a removable rechargeable battery that can also be powered by an optional solar panel accessory. They both can detect motion, with motion alerts sent over wi-fi to their own smartphone app, that you can then watch the live recordings of the detected motion in question within the app.

This is where most of the major similarities end here, and where the Reolink Argus 2 begins to shine over the ever-popular Ring Stickup Camera…

Externally they are both of similar size. The Ring Stickup camera comes in white and black, whilst the Argus 2 comes in white only, but there is an optional $12 Black Skin Kit to make its mount and casing black to suit where it is being placed. I find the black colour more discrete, but if you plan on mounting the camera on a white external wall, then both cameras would blend in pretty well.

The Argus 2 mounts in a similar way to the more expensive Nest Cameras from Google, in that its base is magnetic, and the default mount that comes in the box features a magnetic dome that the camera magnetically sticks onto and is able to move about on.

For a more permanent or fixed mounting solution, you can choose to use the more conventional mount that also comes in the box, which allows you to screw the mount arm into the back of the camera, and the arm is fixed onto a solid surface.

Between both mount types, you will certainly get the camera into a desirable position, whether that’s on the wall, attached to an overhanging roof, or standing upright from a post or flat surface. The Ring Stickup camera mount is much more restrictive, relying on the use of one of two available attachment points and there’s an optional accessory if you wish to mount it vertically on a ceiling surface. Both cameras come with mounts that allow them to be free-standing, should you wish to use them indoors where security or a fixed position isn’t as important.

Both cameras are battery-powered, which is great when you don’t have to think about placement and running power wires to a nearby power source. The Ring Stickup Camera’s secure battery cover twists off from the bottom to access the battery, whilst the battery on the Reolink Argus 2 is part of the rear camera body, which unclips from the back of the camera. Both are just as easy to swap out, however, the Ring camera has two parts to it, which makes it a little more secure because the bottom can also be screwed in, but it does make it more of a hassle to remove it when the battery needs charging.

Both cameras come with an optional solar panel accessory to provide power from the sun to keep its battery topped up without the need to replace it. I was also given the Reolink Solar Panel accessory for review, so I was able to try it out on the Argus 2.

For a small solar cell that measures just 18 x 12cm, its performance is great. Even on dull grey days here in the UK, the panel managed to keep the battery topped up at 100% at all times. So if you’re able to fit a solar panel near to your camera, this is a must-have accessory for the Argus 2 as it really gives you peace of mind where you don’t have to think about the battery running out or suffering from any recording downtime whilst you are charging the battery back up.

Both cameras are able to send alerts when there is motion detected. Alerts are sent to the smartphone app for the camera. I found the Reolink to be a little too sensitive to alerts, but both camera apps have the ability to alter their sensitivity to motion to reduce the number of false alerts that are sent from the camera.

I found the quality of both cameras to be very good. The Ring Stickup camera brightness runs a little darker compared to the Argus 2, and the Argus 2 seems a little over-sharpened compared to the Ring camera, but you would be happy with either camera’s quality for their day time recordings capabilities.

At night time, I would say the Argus 2 has a better quality of recording at night than the Ring Stickup Camera. The Argus 2 features Starlight Night Vision, which features a Starlight CMOS sensor to offer clear night vision up to 33 feet. Alongside its built-in infrared lights, the result of this is a very crisp and clear night recording. You have the option to enable and disable the infrared lights should you have any additional lighting in the same area at night. But without any light at all the Argus 2 does really well in its nighttime captures.

One area that lets the Argus 2 camera down is its audio. It reminds me of the audio you get in dashboard cameras, where you get a knocking sound at the start of the recording, and then audio as a whole could be a lot better, as it sounds a little muffled and there is some background noise that would easily prevent you from hearing any quiet or distant audio in your recordings.

Both camera apps are good. Notifications come a little sooner on the Ring camera, and capture length and quality depend on the settings you use in the app. What I do like though with the Reolink Camera, is that you can insert an SD card to capture footage locally without the need to upload or pay for any cloud storage subscriptions. This comes into effect much more for viewing historic motion videos, in which on the Ring Camera you would have to sign up to an online cloud subscription service, whilst on the Argus 2, you can still access historic motion captures on the SD card, through connecting to the camera over Wi-Fi. For, this feature greatly overshadows the Ring camera. As it’s just another cloud service that you don’t have to subscribe to each month.

The Reolink Argus 2E retails for $69.99 from Amazon, or if you wish to purchase the solar panel along with it, you can save around $20 or £16 and get them bundled together for $84.99 from Amazon. Check out the links to all these in the comments below.

The Reolink Argus 2 is a great stand-alone battery-powered camera, with great video quality and the optional solar panel makes it super easy to locate and power it anywhere you’d like. It could do with some improvements on the audio capture, and a little extra work with its Application, but overall, the camera is really worth the little extra cost over the standalone Ring Stickup Camera. At £84.99 for the Ring Stick Up Camera with its solar panel, the Argus 2E Solar Panel bundle works out £27 cheaper and there are no extra hidden costs to it either because with the Ring cameras you WILL want to buy into its subscription service to access any historic recording that you miss, whereas for a one-off $6 16GB Micro-SD card will give you all of this functionality on the Argus 2.

If you’re looking for a low-cost entry security camera without a subscription modal, then the Reolink Argus 2 is definitely a camera would considering over the Ring Stick Up Camera and some other variants that are out there.


0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Brief overview
0:55 – Reolink Argus 2
1:17 – Feature comparison
4:00 – Battery
5:27 – Optional solar panel
6:53 – Day camera quality
7:13 – Night camera quality
7:50 – Audio quality
8:14 – App support
9:07 – My Impressions

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