Best Adjustable Laptop Stand For Desk On Amazon? | Quntis Laptop Riser with Phone Mount Review

Enjoy our Quntis Laptop Stand / Riser review. You can buy this solid laptop stand from Amazon UK here →

This is a solid Aluminum metal stand, that you place onto your desktop or table surface to help raise the laptop screen to a position that will help with posture to reduce back pain as well as eye strain. You then use a separate mouse and keyboard to turn your laptop into more of a desktop experience which helps to improve with productivity by reducing the issues that come with working on a laptop continuously over long periods.

This stand is capable of holding up to 10kgs of weight from your laptop. This means it can support laptops sizes from 10 to 17-inches. I found it had no problem holding my 13” MacBook Pro, which only weighs just 1.37kg, the stand was more than capable of supporting its weight. Across a whole working day, it never dropped or lost any height.

The stand has two hinge points. The first connects to the wide base, which allows elevation on the stand, and further up the stand there is another hinge point that allows the plate that the laptop rests on to tilt forward and back. Combined together you should be able to position your laptop screen at a comfortable height, which should be around eye level, which will help with eye strain and also any back problems you might encounter when working from a laptop on a lower table surface.

On both the top and bottom of the base there are some non-slip rubber pads to help protect your laptop and desk surface. The arms at the front that also supports the laptop from sliding down also have rubber covers to protect the edges of your laptop. The resting plate for your laptop to sit on has a large middle section cut out to allow heat from the laptop to escape, which makes this a great stand that helps to cool your laptop.

A new addition to this stand over many other stands is that there is an integrated mobile holder that you can slide out from the base and also tilt to support a mobile phone for zoom video calls or to monitor notifications. You could even use this support to hold a note pad or document for easy reference whilst you work. This resting plate also has some rubber material on the back and at the feet to cushion your mobile and also to protect it from rubbing against the metal of the stand.

Sliding the phone holder out from the stand allows you to position your mobile underneath your laptop or towards you, away from your laptop, for easier readability. The phone holder can be unscrewed and removed completely, if you do not want this element to the stand, but I found it quite helpful to hold my phone instead of having it to my side on the table or propped up against my laptop.

This stand is very simple, and the market is fairly competitive, however its wide array of adjustability and the inclusion of the mobile phone holder they really add great value to what is a solid stand. Its build quality is very good, its hinged joints are very good and are more than capable of supporting the weight of most laptops selling today. The mobile phone holder is a nice addition that I can see many workers using, and it can be easily removed and put to the side as a separate phone or document stand, which is a great feature also.

You can buy this solid laptop stand from Amazon UK here → and use the Coupon Code KKLWKYCX to get 10% OFF your order.

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