BenQ Screenbar Halo Desktop Lamp is EASY ON THE EYES Short Review

In this video, I check out the BenQ Screenbar Halo Desktop Lamp. You can buy this light bar for $179 from Amazon US 👉🏻, £149 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, €237.88 from Amazon DE 👉🏻, and $392.80 from Amazon AU 👉🏻

The BenQ ScreenBar Halo is an innovative monitor light that provides targeted light for your desktop workspace, without causing glare or eye strain. It sleek, minimalist design attaches easily to the top of your monitor so it doesn’t take up any more of your desk space.

One of the ScreenBar Halo’s standout features is its wireless remote control dial, which allows you to adjust the light brightness and light temperature, access saved presets, and toggle between both its rear and front-facing light sources. It also has an automatic dimming function that adjusts the brightness according to the ambient lighting in your room, ensuring that your eyes are always comfortable.

In addition to the main light bar, the ScreenBar Halo has an ambient lamp at the back that provides additional lighting at the rear of your workspace. This ambient lamp can also be controlled via the remote, giving you complete control over the lighting in your workspace.

Overall, the BenQ ScreenBar Halo is a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of their computer screen. It provides high-quality illumination that is easy on the eyes, and its innovative design and remote control make it a pleasure to use. With its adjustable brightness and automatic dimming technology, it is sure to enhance your productivity and reduce eye strain.

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