ATOTO P8 QLED CarPlay Display: Elevate Your In-Car Tech Experience!

The ATOTO P8 Portable Stereo QLED Display may not be 100% perfect, but it does have a lot of useful features and a specification that makes it a prime candidate for adding entertainment to any car and allowing a connection to your iOS and Android device, without the messy install.

You can buy this car stereo display for $174.90 with coupon from Amazon US , for £134.90 from Amazon UK , for €229.90 from Amazon DE , and for $279.90 from Amazon AU 

The ATOTO P8 7″ QLED display allows for an easy plug & play install in any car to bring wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto wireless and wired, on top of USB media playback, DVR support with front and rear bundled 1080p cameras, and a handy little BT remote comes supplied to for each control of basic calling and media playback functions.

One adjustable mount comes supplied to mount the display onto a dashboard or windscreen surface. Its grippy base plate makes it stick well onto any of these surfaces. At the rear, you’ll find a few buttons and ports, along with a single power cable that connects to the bundled 12v adapter cable which houses two USB-A ports for charging phones/devices, and also plays back USB-stored music via the media player that’s installed on the display.

Its main menu interface is clean and clear, and thanks to the bright QLED screen the display looks great on top of your dashboard, clear in the day and bright at night. Brightness can be adjusted easily and there is a sensor on the back to allow for automatic dimming. The 1024×600 resolution may appear blurry up close, but this is less of an issue from afar, and the OLED brightness and punch of colours really make the display ‘pop’ on the top of your dashboard.

Getting audio from the display to your car stereo can be done in two ways, either via wireless FM transmission or wired AUX cable input. Both options sound decent, and FM was more reliable than some of the few stereo displays I’ve reviewed recently.

Having the AUX input port on the 12v adapter, rather than on the display, makes for a cleaner install and the cable is just thin enough to attempt to pass it through or around your car interior with the help of extension cables for its front and rear DVR cameras.

Both of its 1080p cameras offer an average quality of camera recording from the front and rear of your car. Supplied cables allow you to run each camera exactly where you want, and accessing the feed and recordings is super easy via its built-in recording playback menu area, you can view live feeds with a quick hold of a button on its supplied BT remote control.

This BT controller can be mounted on the steering wheel for easy access, either via the attachable rubber belt or using the supplied adhesive magnetic sticker. The remote also glows in the dark, and it offers basic functions to control music in CarPlay/Android Auto, accept/hangup calls, mute and adjust volume and invoke Siri/Google Assistant.

The 7″ size of the screen doesn’t overwhelm the car interior dashboard as wider displays do, which is why I prefer this form factor and size. Its display is a big improvement to displays of this kind, and its anti-reflective coating helps reduce screen glare from lights and sunlight.

Sadly there’s no BT audio on this display, no wired CarPlay, and I encountered low volume during playback of audio text messages, whilst calling had low lag and its volume was just fine. Hopefully, an update can be applied to fix a few of these issues, along with the pops I seem to hear whilst the display is off.

At under $200, the P8 from ATOTO is a decent candidate amongst very few decent car stereo displays that are out there. Although they may have dropped the ball only a few times with some of the aforementioned issues, it remains a decent candidate for anyone looking to modernise their car entertainment and mobile connection for CarPlay or Android Auto.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:49 – Unboxing
3:29 – Features & Design
4:20 – Bootup & Menu Interface
7:04 – DVR Cameras
10:04 – Wireless Apple CarPlay
11:43 – Firmware Updating
12:10 – Speaker Audio
13:52 – Android Auto
14:56 – USB audio playback
15:45 – Wired Android Auto & CarPlay test
16:44 – In Car Install & QLED Demo
25:25 – DVR Camera Demo
25:41 – My Impressions

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