Ascrono Apple MacBook Pro Docking Station 3 Month Review

In this video, I give you my review of the Ascrono 14″ Apple M1 MacBook Pro Docking Station after 3 months of use. You can buy this docking station directly from Ascrono with Free shipping, or from Amazon US for $229.99 , for £214.99 from Amazon UK , and for €229.99 from Amazon DE 

So after a mix-up from Ascrono sending out a 16″ docking station instead of the 14″ docking station I ordered, I finally was able to experience this docking station over the last few months.

It’s a great docking station solution for the 2021 M1 MacBook Pro 14″, much better than the passive stand I was using from Satechi. This docking station from Ascrono not only hugs my MacBook Pro firmly without adjustment, but it also automatically connects to the same ports on the far side of the MacBook and passes this through to the dock where I could have a USB-C hub, a USB-C powered display, and many more possibilities.

Over the last few months of use I have enjoyed not having to mess with loose USB-C cables around the back of my desk, and simply having the job of just sliding my MacBook Pro into the dock and having my UltraWide display, keyboard, and mouse all coming alive for that complete desktop experience.

At £199.99 in the UK, or $209.99 in the US, this price is a big ask for that luxury, but the daily frustration of cables makes this expense worth it. I’ve not had any power passthrough issues, and the 2x 40Gbps ports at the back allow me to have a second permanent USB-C device connection (such as a camera rig) without the need to physically handle the connections at the back every time I ‘plug in’ my MacBook Pro.

If you’re tired of chasing cables, or you want to give your Apple MacBook Pro a home on your desktop, the Ascrono MacBook Pro Docking Station is one premium-priced accessory worthy of your attention, and your money.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:00 – Unboxing
1:11 – How it connects
1:57 – Features & Design
2:53 – Benefits of owning one
3:20 – Satechi Laptop Dock Stand Comparison
3:48 – Problems…
4:26 – My Impressions 3 months later

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