Arenti VBell1 Wireless HD Subscription-Free Battery Video Doorbell Review

Enjoy my Arenti VBell1 Wireless 2K Video Doorbell Review.

You can buy this wireless video doorbell for $99.99 from Amazon US → or for £89.99 from Amazon UK → or for €84.99 from Amazon DE →

One Week Test

I decided to use the two small adhesive pads to stick the video doorbell onto the front of my house. The adhesive pads stuck well to the PVC cladding, and it stayed put throughout the whole week.

I found the setup to be pretty simple, thanks to the install guide in the app that allowed me to monitor its wifi connection to my router and alert me of the stability and strength of its signal and to relocate its position if it wasn’t good enough. Oddly at just under 6 metres away from my main Asus Wifi 6 router, it kept swapping between normal and poor signal.

I placed the battery-powered doorbell around 6m from the doorbell and the doorbell managed to communicate with the chime without any problem. The selected chime and at its loudest setting was loud enough to be heard from anywhere in the home, and I liked that, being battery-powered, it could be moved around the house to allow it to be heard whilst in the garden.

The App

Apart from the ringing doorbell, the most time I had with the VBell1 was through its app. Just like most other Wi-Fi-based cameras and doorbells, I found the notification to be just behind the period where you would catch the person whilst still at the door, however even if I did catch them, I am not one to converse with couriers and strangers over the 2-way video and microphone of the doorbell.

App alerts when someone presses the doorbell acts like a call is coming in on your phone, and on pressing the green Accept button the app displays the live video feed, along with quick access to the intercom function to allow you to instantly communicate with the person facing the camera. You can also reject the alert and just let the camera, and onboard storage do their thing, in capturing the event for a period between 10 to 30 seconds at a time.

The app itself is pretty lightweight. The home screen showcases the connected devices, from here you can tap to view its live feed, or quickly view previous recordings. In the live view, you can take a live photo, start recording and communicate using the intercom button. Signal, battery life and display quality toggle are also present.


I found the 130-degree field of view to be just a little too narrow for my front driveway. However, its 2K resolution quality in the day and at night was decent, with natural colour and with little distortion. The audio captured wasn’t the best I have heard and mirrors the more lower-end quality of security cameras that I have experienced. But through 2-way audio, you can understand each other, which is important.

My home isn’t big enough to make use of using Alexa or Google assistant with this device, however, both are supported through their own apps, with the VBell1 video feed being cast to their respective display devices.

Cloud & Subscription-Free

Arenti offers 3-months of free cloud storage before its fairly reasonable (and optional) paid subscription begins, with a basic level of saved recordings being kept for 72 hours during its free plan. After the trial has ended you can continue the same plan for an annual fee of $30, whilst 30-day saved recordings will set you back $160 for the year, which I thought was reasonable. Alternatively, you can insert an SD card of up to 256GB and store all the content locally on the device. I inserted a 16GB SD card at the beginning of the week and I still had 15.6GB remaining on the card with 10-second recordings and motion detection set its default medium setting. So I think 16GB will be more than enough for over a month’s worth of recording.

Battery life after a week dropped to 68%. General battery life will vary if you monitor its live feed often and browse through its historic recordings regularly. At 4.5% drop per day, that’s less than a month before it requires recharging, and because the battery is internal, you can’t swap out batteries on this video doorbell, meaning your camera and doorbell are out of action whilst it charges. So charging the device overnight would be my recommendation, unless nighttime security is more important than a functioning doorbell. 

A Great All Rounder

The VBell1 from Arenti has been the first video doorbell that I have tested, and I can see their appeal in covering both security and function, all in one single unit. At its current retail price, I think it is a bit of a bargain for what you get with this camera, the fact that it can work with multiple assistants, a 3-month free trial, local storage options, motion detection and it looks great at doing it too. So if you’re looking for a smart video doorbell that offers more than the more obvious and pricier options out there, take a look at the VBel1 from Arenti.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:02 – Unboxing
4:52 – Setup
6:15 – Arenti App
10:44 – My Impressions

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