Apple MagSafe Fast Charging Adapter | Syncwire 20W PD USB-C Fast Charger Review

Enjoy my Syncwire 20W PD Fast Charger Review. You can buy this 20W PD Wall Charger for $13.99 from Amazon US → or for £13.99 + 5% off voucher from Amazon UK →

It has been known that Apple’s own 20W charger is the go-to wall charger that will get the best charging rates out of their own MagSafe charger, however on trying out a few alternatives, I have found that isn’t exactly the case anymore.

In this video, I will compare both the Apple 20W PD Charger alongside a new 20W PD charger from Syncwire. At around $5 cheaper than Apple’s own charger, the Syncwire 20W charger has a few additional features, that overall makes it a better buy.

First is its size. Thanks to GaN technology the Syncwire 20W charger is smaller and far more compact than Apple’s own 20W charger. If you’re in the US and EU, the smaller pins allow for an even more compact charger over the UK version with its standard three long pins, which unfortunately do not collapse down like Apple’s charger does so well.

Next is its weight, it weighs roughly half Apple’s charger. So if you travel a lot of if weight is very important for you, the Syncwire 20W charger is better in that regard.

A nice unique feature you don’t see often on wall chargers is the light that emits around the USB-C socket on the charger. This makes it super easy to locate when in a dark or dimly-lit room. It isn’t bright enough to act as a night light, although that would have been another great addition if it did.

The proof is in the charging, and on testing the Syncwire 20W charger in a 2-gang wall socket I was able to get much better speeds than Apple’s 20W charger. I bought the Apple charger especially for this benchmark test and I was surprised by the results.

The Syncwire 20W charger offered slightly faster speeds at the charging socket test at just over 13Watts of power than Apple’s 12.5 peak Wattage. However on testing the MagSafe output via the Amperes 4 app, my iPhone 13 Pro received almost 7Watts using Apple’s charger, and just over 9Watts with the Syncwire 20W charger.

So in short, if you want a small, lightweight and quite a stylish wall charger that delivers a fast charge to the MagSafe charging cable, then I would recommend you take a look at the Syncwire 20W charger.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Brief overview
0:44 – Unboxing & Features
2:19 – Apple 20W test
2:46 – Syncwire 20W test
3:06 – My Impressions

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