Apple iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro | First Hands-on Impressions Review


Enjoy my off-script first-impressions review of my new iPhone 13 Pro, where I compare it to last year’s iPhone 12 Pro model. You can buy the iPhone 13 Pro (and its other models) from Apple and Amazon US for $999 → or for £949 from Amazon UK →

This is a short unscripted video of my first hands-on impressions of the new 2021 iPhone 13 Pro. I went for the Graphite colour option this year, with 256GB onboard storage. You can’t be prepared for how much bigger the rear lenses are in this year’s model.

Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, it is a minor update. If you were to pick either of them up from the front and didn’t look at the back of the iPhone, you wouldn’t be able to tell that easily. The notch is smaller, yet it still doesn’t feel like you have gained any additional space up at the top of the iPhone, with the carrier, battery, and signal labels getting more spaced out than allowing more data – such as battery percentage – filling up the space that has been gained back.

The 120Hz refresh rate is mildly noticeable on this year’s iPhone, yet not many apps have been updated to capitalise on this. Gaming will really take this feature by the horns, but outside, scrolling is just as buttery-smooth as last year’s model.

Battery life has improved and I am seeing the battery levels at the end of the day become much less reduced, so if that is important, then maybe you have a good reason to update this year.

This year’s iPhone is mostly down to its lenses. Macro, better light adoption, 3x zoom are all great improvements over the iPhone 12 Pro – if you really use these specific camera features in your daily life. Otherwise, for the casual, you’re not missing out much on last year’s model. The iPhone Pro has been taking great photos for a number of years now.

So is it worth the upgrade? Probably not this year. If money is tight, then this will make your decision that bit easier. If you’re on the iPhone upgrade program, then you don’t lose out and it is worth jumping on the Apple upgrade train for another year. If you’re on finance, sell that iPhone 12 Pro now and pocket yourself a little bit of profit and have yourself positioned in good stead, with this year’s technical investment, ready for the REAL upgrade, next year.


0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing & comparisons
4:19 – 120Hz & Camera

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