Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in ANY CAR – Coral Vision RX10 Portable Display Review

In this video, I check out the Coral Vision RX10 Portable Display.

You can buy this standalone CarPlay & Android Auto display for $199 direct from the Coral Vision online store 👉🏻 .

This is a 10” IPS display for vehicles without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto systems. It simply mounts onto the dashboard and it supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, casting or mirroring from a mobile device, and there is a TF card slot for local playback of video and music files on the display. Audio is sent out of the 3W internal speaker, FM transmission, wired AUX connection, and Bluetooth audio if your car stereo has it.

Features & Design

Looking over the display, it has a 10.26” IPS display with a resolution of 1600×600. On top, there is a physical button to toggle the display on and off, and on the back, there is a slot for the dashboard mounting bracket or the optional windscreen mount.

On the rear left side are a collection of IO ports, which features a 3.5 jack for AUX audio output, a TF card slot for media playback, a 3.5 jack AV-IN port for an optional rearview camera, and a USB-C port to power the display from its supplied 12v socket cable.


Installation is a breeze. There are no messy cables to crimp, interior casing to shred your skin on, or extra parts you need to order. You simply slap the display onto your dashboard with the help of the adhesive pad or choose the optional windscreen arm mount instead. Plug in the USB cable into the display and the other end into a nearby 12v socket and you’re already up and running.

At this point, your ears will hear the rather lacklustre 3W speaker ejecting your chosen audio out of the speaker. Time to explore your options. FM transmission is more miss than a hit, which is a shame as their earlier models were quite decent at blocking out interference. Next is the more reliable AUX input connection, the better option if you don’t mind an extra cable coming out of the display and into your nearby AUX port.

Bluetooth Audio

New to this suite of displays from Coral Vision is Bluetooth audio out. This has been a challenge for many makers to get right over the past year, however, the software on this display makes it work well, and without any fuss.

After connecting to CarPlay or Android Auto, the BT connection will pair with your car stereo’s Bluetooth to transmit audio. From here wheel controls work and information is also displayed in the BT section of your car stereo (if it has one). Reconnection is an area I’ve yet to test at this time of writing, so I can’t say if all devices re-pair on reentry into the car, as whoever picks up the initial BT pairing between the display and the car stereo will cancel out the other from connecting.

Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

Connection to CarPlay is quicker than most wireless adapters, and Android Auto is just a little slower overall, but once up and running, both operate well without too much input delay – yet wireless Wi-Fi lag is still to be expected.

Bluetooth audio during CarPlay and Android Auto works well as a wireless solution for either infotainment platform. Multiple phone switching can be a little frustrating due to its very eager Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing to the previously disconnected phone, resulting in forcing the Bluetooth connection switch off on the unpaired device – the disconnection switch on the display didn’t quite work as expected in making this whole experience any easier.

TF Card Media & Casting

TF card input is more of a bullet point feature, but in practice, it has some issues. It doesn’t offer zoom controls, so it never is able to playback media on 100% of the screen, file formats are limiting (FLAC and MKV) and the whole UI/UX experience could have been a lot better in navigation, control and customisation. During playback, its audio is in sync with the video and it does basically ‘work’, but it just could have done it much better.

And finally, there’s screencasting and AirPlay from a mobile device. This mirrors much of the same video performance as the TF media playback. Yes, it is slightly easier to play media from your phone, but the actual experience is slightly laggy and is OK for casual viewing, however, without zoom controls the content is swimming in a sea of black borders and desire for better formatting and file format support.

My Impressions

The directly from their own online store, whilst you can get the RX7 Display, which is a smaller . The 7″ offers all the same features as the RX10, with a smaller overall display and a lower 1024×600 resolution, which will likely reduce the number of icons on CarPlay to 8 icons per screen.

Coral Vision has stepped up to its competition with its RX10 and smaller RX7 displays. Their level of quality shines over some inferior models on the market. Most of the issues I encountered was to do with its TF and casting playback. If you’re using it as a wireless CarPlay or Android Auto display, you shouldn’t have any show-stopping problems whilst using this display.

So if you’re looking for a portable display for your non-CarPlay/Android Auto car, then this display is a decent solution that should be high up on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:45 – Unboxing
0:58 – Features & Design
1:47 – Demo / Bootup / Menu UI
5:25 – Wireless CarPlay
7:16 – Audio Options
10-:26 – Bluetooth Audio Output
13:23 – Android Auto
15:13 – TF Media Playback
16:51 – Screen Cast & AirPlay
19:23 – My Impressions

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