Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in ANY CAR!! Carpuride W901 PRO Portable Display Review

In this video, I check out the Carpuride W901 PRO Portable Display. You can buy this display currently for $238 from Carpuride directly using coupon code CARPLAYLIFE at checkout for 15% DISCOUNT! 👉🏻

The W901 Pro display is also available from:
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This 9-inch portable display allows you to add wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to any car stereo, as well as playback video media from an inserted USB drive and case video from your phone to the display. I reviewed the W109 last year, but this new Pro model improves on its software, adds dual Bluetooth support for Bluetooth audio output and its audio has been improved with the addition of an adjustable EQ. 

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, one adjustable dashboard mounting bracket and an adhesive sticker for its base, there is an adjustable mount that attaches to the windscreen via a suction cup, a 12v adapter charging cable, an AUX audio cable, a ball joint adapter, the optional rearview camera and installation kit, and finally, there is the 9-inch car stereo display itself.

Features & Design

Looking over the display then, its 9-inch display is bigger than the more common 7-inch portable displays I’ve reviewed in the past, especially in this 4:3 format. It features an IPS display, with a native resolution of 1024×600. The result is a large, vibrant display with a wide viewing angle, and its high resolution allows for more icons per screen in CarPlay than most common aftermarket receivers. 

On top, there is a button to turn the display on/off; a short press of this button will mute the display’s audio. This pro model has the same number of I/O ports on the left side, which includes a 3.5mm external mic port, a microSD card slot for media playback, a 2.5mm port for a rear camera kit, a 3.5mm AUX output port, then there is a USB-A port for USB Media and charging devices, and finally, there is the DC input port to power the display using the supplied 12v power cable.

On the back, there are mounting holes for the display, which also comes with a couple of mounting options. The first is a windscreen mount. The second mount is a dashboard mount. Both screen and base mounts offer a solid foundation for the display, with plenty of adjustment to get the perfect angle.

For a complete walkthrough demo, see the video above.

My Impressions

This 901 Pro portable display from Carpuride currently retails on sale for $238 directly from the Carpuride store, and using my coupon code CARPLAYLIFE at checkout for an additional 15% discount. Direct links to this display in every region can be found above.

My impressions match their earlier non-pro model that I reviewed this time last year. Its a capable portable display for use with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s unfortunate that after a year the pro didn’t get many refinements it needed to really make it shine. It’s much the same with a small incremental hardware and software bump, certainly not enough to be classed as a pro model in my opinion, I would have expected a lot more over last year’s model.

Its EQ is certainly a welcomed addition, to help boost sound in older stereo systems, and its dual Bluetooth support for Bluetooth audio output offers a much better audio solution for car systems that just missed out on the more modern-day connectivity that today’s modern cars have as standard now.

It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get wheel controls to work alongside Bluetooth audio, and only play and pause from the system screen only worked for me. However, my VW system is a stock retrofit, and your own experience might be more successful. Another issue with Bluetooth audio was when playback audio in videos, which saw audio out of sync by around 1-2 seconds. I found this quite odd for Bluetooth audio to be this laggy, but switching back to AUX or FM audio seemed to easily work around this.

Calling and casting from Android had some issues too, and Android Auto itself was too low in its DPI for a screen resolution of this size, so I would hesitate in recommending this display if you’re an Android user. For iPhone users though, this portable display performed well. Wireless CarPlay was quick to boot, calling delay was quick, and I had no issues with reconnecting Bluetooth audio and CarPlay or Android Auto on reentry into the car. Casting from iPhone also performed better, just as long as you use AUX or FM for audio playback whilst watching videos.

The W901 Pro from Carpuride is a decent upgrade from last year’s display, and it is a great way to easily and very quickly modernise older cars and old stereos to make them more compatible with today’s mobile phones for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as handle video playback and cast media from your iPhone or Android mobile too.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:35 – Unboxing
0:58 – Display features & design
2:23 – Installation
4:26 – Boot up & menu interface
6:57 – Wireless CarPlay
7:53 – 4W speaker audio test
8:39 – FM transmission audio test
10:33 – AUX audio test
11:44 – Bluetooth audio test
12:50 – Microphone & calling test
13:46 – BT audio & CarPlay reconnection test
14:19 – Wheel controls over BT
15:11 – EQ audio test
15:59 – Android Auto test
18:46 – USB media playback
19:38 – AirPlay & casting
22:28 – My Impressions

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