Antlion Audio Modmic Wireless Microphone Review

In this video, I check out the Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless and see how it performs in 2024. You can buy this wireless microphone for $139.95 from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £139.95 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €169 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

Test headphones/headsets:

➡️ Sony WH-1000XM5 Bluetooth Mic
➡️ SteelSeries Artis 3 Bluetooth Mic
➡️ Sennheiser Profile Boom Mic
➡️ Apple AirPods Pro Gen2 Bluetooth Mic
➡️ Meta Quest 3 built-in Mic video, review,

The Antlion Audio Modmic Wireless Microphone is a versatile solution for those seeking a high-quality audio to acompany their pair of gaming headphones with inferiror recording capabilities, or audio headphones that don’t offer any recording features. This wireless microphone offers a convenient alternative to built-in headset microphones, allowing users to enhance their audio experience without being tied down by cables.

Design and Features

The Modmic Wireless features a magnetic attachment at the back, which works with the two supplied small adhesive magnetic mounts that can be attached to the headphone side. You’re not limited to headphones either, as this wireless microphone can be attached onto anything really. It boasts both omni-directional and uni-directional (cardioid) pickup patterns, with the omni-directional mode offering a slightly higher audio quality, but at the compromise of being able to capture anything thats around the microphone, including wall echo/reverb. The microphone comes with a pop shield foam cover and the whole kit comes housed in a hard zippered protective case with Antlion branding for safe storage when not in use.

The mic arm is sturdy and flexible, allowing for precise positioning without being loose or difficult to manipulate. It includes a multi-function button for easy control of power, pairing and disconnections as well as muting. The Modmic Wireless is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4, but not Xbox. I had issues personally with connecting it to my MacBook Pro 14” due to there being no USB-A ports. It’s time for Antlion to bring the Wireless up with the times with not only USB-C charging (instead of its dated micro-USB), but also a USB-A to C adapter for the receiver to for use with more modern tech.


With a battery life of 10 to 12 hours and a Micro USB charging port, the Modmic Wireless is a reliable companion for extended gaming or recording sessions. While some users may be surprised by the lack of USB-C compatibility, the microphone does not require any additional software installation to work seamlessly across supported platforms. Sadly you can’t connect it to any Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone, it relise on the bundled USB-A receiver to function and apply AptX’s low latency performance from the wireless microphone.

Audio Quality

In audio tests, the Modmic Wireless delivers sound typical of high-end gaming headsets, though it may not offer the fullest sound recording. The omni-directional mode provides better quality, with a fuller sound and improved bass response, making it ideal for VR, content creators, or those looking to enhance their audio quality for streaming or gaming. Its quality perofrmance is a very close match to the Meta Quest 3’s built-in microphone, but streamers and live plays that require separate audio routing to an OBS-like desktop setup might appreacte the dedicated connection from the ModMic wireless.

Pricing and Recommendations

Priced at $139.95 in the US, £139.95 in the UK and €169 in Europe, the Modmic Wireless offers a unique proposition for users looking to add microphone support to their existing headsets or headphones. While the price may not be the most budget-friendly option, its high-quality sound reproduction, and its flexibility to transfer the mic between different devices makes the Antlion Audio Modmic Wireless Microphone a premium audio accessory and a valuable investment for audiophiles or content creators seeking top-notch audio quality.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:37 – Unboxing
2:03 – ModMic Wireless Comparison
2:37 – Sony WH-1000XMB Mic
2:59 – SteelSeries Arctis 3 BT Mic Test
3:23 – Apple AirPods Pro Gen2 Mic Test
3:38 – Sennheiser Profile Mic Test
3:47 – Meta Quest 3 Mic Test
4:06 – ModMic Wireless Mic Test & Features
4:37 – Muting ModMic Wireless
4:59 – Uni-Direction vs Omni-Directional
5:40 – Attachment & Pop Filter Test
6:25 – My audio quality Impressions
6:40 – All mic tests together
7:04 – Final Thoughts

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