Ampere Jetpack MagSafe Power Bank & Ampere Unravel 3-in-1 Folding Travel Wireless Charger Review

In this video, I check out two products from Ampere – The Jetpack MagSafe power bank and the Unravel 3-in-1 Wireless Charger.

You can buy the Jetpack and Unravel directly from Ampere here → – Use my coupon code Anthony20 for $20-OFF your order.

Ampere Jetpack MagSafe Power Bank

This power bank offers MagSafe compatibility for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 family of devices, it has a 5,000 mAh capacity, and it can charge 2 devices at once, up to 15W wirelessly and up to 18W from its USB-C port that also has power delivery support.

In the box, you get a small paper instruction manual, and there is the MagSafe battery pack itself.

The power bank is a common size and thickness, found in most 5,000 mAh power banks selling today – 110 mm (l) x 66 mm (w) x 11 mm (h). It comes in this black and blue colour scheme, with LED indicators on the outer side to tell how much charge there it is whilst in use, and also how much recharging remains when charging the power bank back up.

On the lower side edge of the power bank, there is the USB-C charging output port, in the middle is a toggle button to check the battery status and to power, the power bank, and over on the other side is an iPhone Lighting input port to recharge the power bank.

On the inner side, you’ll see the MagSafe arrange of magnets. Its magnets are strong enough to hold the iPhone very firmly with little movement or wiggle when forced. This is great if you wish to stow your iPhone back in a backpack or pocket without any fear of the battery becoming dislodged from your iPhone whilst it’s charging.


I tested the power bank on my iPhone 13 Pro with 35% of battery remaining and the Jetpack MagSafe battery gave an output result between 7 and 9 Watts, which is about normal for most wireless power banks I have tested. When charging both wirelessly and via the USB-C port, my wireless charging dropped to around 5 Watts. Charging the same iPhone using a USB-C to Lightning cable from its USB-C port resulted in around 14 Watts.

My Impressions

The Jetpack MagSafe Power Bank from Ampere retails for $39 or £39 from the Ampere Store directly and if you use my coupon code Anthony20, you’ll get an extra 20% off your order. So check out my links above to learn more about this power bank and to buy yourself one.

The JetPack power bank is a decent 5,000mAh battery. I like its relatively compact size, its ability to be recharged using either the lightning or USB-C port is convenient if you want to just carry a single cable with you, and it has some very reassuring strong magnets. Its charging rates maybe not hit the full 15W wirelessly or 18W from its USB-C port, but its performance is on par with some similar power banks that I have tested.

Ampere Unravel 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Travel Charger

The second product from Ampere is their Unravel wireless travel charger. This is a 3-in-1 wireless charger that features multiple uses and ways to charge your wireless devices, from iPhones, Airpods, secondary devices and even an Apple Watch on one of its charging sides. 

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, there is the Unravel charger itself, and a rather long USB-C to C cable also comes included to charge the wireless charger. 

There are three varieties of the Unravel charger. There is this Apple Watch edition, there is a Squid Game edition, and there is an Extra-port Edition, which features an additional USB-C port on the charger for charging a 4th device or accessory. 

Across all editions, the Unravel features three charging zones, one on each face of the tri-folding design. Both ends of the charger are magnetised, so you loop the charger back onto itself and attach both edges together to form a pyramid-style charging station for desktop or nightstand use. On one side of the charging panels, there is a USB-C port that you use to connect and charge Unravel. A 60W charging adapter is recommended to get the best use out of the Unravel, so I used Ampere’s own 60W travel charger to power it.


Once connected and powered I was able to place and wirelessly charge my iPhone 13 Pro, my Google Pixel 5, and my Apple Watch Series 5, without any issues. A small light alongside the round anti-slip rings indicates if the charger is operating successfully, however with a large enough device, it is likely that the device will cover and block this status light from being viewable. The version I had has one charging panel that features an Apple Watch indentation to charge an Apple Watch. This panel doesn’t seem to charge anything else, so if you don’t have an Apple Watch it is best to buy a different edition that suits your charging needs.

When formed into its pyramid shape, there are some pull-out arms that help cradle the phone in landscape orientation for movie watching or FaceTime calling whilst charging the phone. None of these charging plates supports MagSafe mounting, which would have been a nicer feature to have. The charger can also be folded down to show just one charging ring, but I found the whole charger to be too wide for the Apple Watch when the charger is vertical and your strap cannot be easily removed.

My Impressions

The Unravel 3-in-1 Wireless Charger retails from $49 for the Extra-port Edition or the Squid Game Edition and $69 for the Apple Watch Edition. Again you can use my coupon code Anthony20 to get an extra 20% off your order. This Apple Watch Edition comes in three colours, there’s all black, red, and there is this glow-in-the-dark edition, which features glow-in-the-dark rings on each charging plate, and the middle section also has glow-in-the-dark edges also.

The Unravel is a versatile charger for travel, however, it can be a little bulky, and bulkier than carrying just a couple of charging cables and a wall adapter, but with this charger, everything comes in one tidy package with the ability to utilise it as a stand or charging dock for a number of wireless charging devices. With the AppleWatch Edition, you have one less proprietary charger to worry about bringing with you on your travels, I just wish it was a little thinner in its overall design, to make it truly a pocketable travel charging companion.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:18 – Ampere Jetpack MagSafe Charger
2:21 – Jetpack Impressions
3:09 – Ampere Unravel 3-in-1 Wireless Charger
4:17 – Ampere 65W PD Charger
6:03 – Unravel Impressions

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