Add Rear USB Charging Ports To Your Car! Joyroom 5-in-1 USB Car Charger Review

In this video, I check out Joyroom 5-in-1 USB Car Charger.

You can buy this USB charger for:
$21.97 from Amazon US →
£28.22 from Amazon UK →
€23.99 from Amazon DE →

If you want to supply USB charging to passengers in the back seat in your car, this car accessory offers a total of 5 USB ports between its main 12v socket charging adapter at the front of the car, and its 5ft-long extension cable of USB ports for passengers in the back.

In the box, you get a small paper manual with instructions on how to use the car charger and the various output ports and power rates, and you get the car charger and its built-in extension cable with its additional charging ports.

Front & Rear USB Charging Modules

Looking over the car charger itself then. It offers 72 Watts of total output across its 5 USB ports. The main end of the charger plugs into a 12 volt lighter socket at the front of the car, and this part of the charger features three USB ports – 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C. The USB-C port offers 27 Watts of total output, the black USB-A port outputs a total of 18 Watts, and the blue USB-A port also has a total output of 18 Watts.

A 5ft-long cable connects the main USB car charger to the rear passenger USB charging module, which contains two additional USB ports. One USB-C port that has a total output of 27 Watts, and one USB-A port that has a total output of 18 Watts. All ports support Power Delivery or QuickCharge 3.0 and they can all output at 3 Amps. So that’s plenty of power to charge your digital babysitter (or tablet) for the kids at the back.

This car charger carries multiple charging protection, including overcharging, short circuit and overheating. So you can be assured that your devices are safe whilst being connected to each of the charger’s USB ports. 

The 5ft-long cable offers plenty of flexability to position the two rear charging ports at the back of the car. There is a handy belt clip on the back of the rear module to allow you to clip it over car interiors, just like the back pocket behind the front two seats for example. In my VW Golf, I had ample of reach from the extension cable, all the way to the back seats

My Impressions

The Joyroom 5-in-1 Car Charger retails for $23.99 from Amazon US, £20.97 from Amazon UK, and €23.99 from Amazon DE, and there is currently 5-10%-off these prices with available vouchers and coupons.

This charger is a great way to get a suite of powered USB sockets into the back of the car. With careful cable routing, you can create quite a discreet install of the cable and have the powered extension sockets attached to the back of a front seat, center console, or side pockets for easy access and reach for even a connected 1m-long USB charging cable.

This accessory may also work well in campers and motorhomes with a front positioned 12v charger, giving easy access to some USB powered ports a little further down the cabin. Overall, if you‘re looking to increase the ports in your vehicle and allow easy reach of them in the rear of your car interior, this is a great solution that’s worth checking out.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:26 – Unboxing
0:36 – Features Front Module
1:00 – Extension USB Module
1:26 – Device protection
1:38 – Rear module & cable
1:59 – My Impressions

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