A Solid Gaming Headset | EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro 7.1 Surround Headphones Review

In this video, I check out the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro headset.

You can buy this headset for:
$69.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3P2fr7I
$49.99 from Amazon CA → https://amzn.to/3yKJnjt
£57.78 directly from EKSA Store → https://shrsl.com/3lo2y

If you’re on the lookout for a 7.1 surround sound, LED-lit pair of headphones with a detachable microphone, 50mm drivers and multi-platform support thanks to its plentiful connection options. Then keep reading my review.

In the box you get the E5000 Pro headset itself, which comes in its own soft fabric carry pouch, there’s a detachable microphone, three USB connecting leads, one USB A to C extension, one USB C to C, and one USB C to a 3.5mm audio jack and there is a multi language paper manual.


Looking over the headset, it comes in a gaming-focused black and neon green colour scheme. When connected to a powered USB port, the LEDs in the side ear cups glow in a similar green colour, and there is a connected coiled green audio cable near the headband, and there are various green accents and stitching throughout.

The left ear cup carries all the headset’s connections and functionality. First, we have the microphone boom socket, then there is the USB C cable interface that each of its supplied audio cables connects to, further back we have a multi-function button to turn the LED lights on and off, with a long press, and to also toggle surround mode with a short press. Next, there is a microphone mute switch, and right at the back is an analogue dial to adjust the volume of the headset. 

Desktop, Console, Mobile Multi-Platform Support

Whether you have a PC or Mac desktop or laptop, a console, such as a Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, or a mobile with a USB or 3.5mm connection, this headset will work with it by using one of its three detachable audio cables that connect into the USB C port of the headset.

Each audio cable comes in a decent length, and if you use the 1 metre-long USB A  extension cable you can extend it a little further to a maximum of around 2.5 meters.


Both the over-ear ear cups and headband have a decent level of cushioning with 1.1-inches of padding to the ear cup themselves. They are super soft to touch and they are comfy enough for long periods of use. I wore them for a number of hours and didn’t feel any discomfort from the ear cups and the headband wasn’t too bad either, although I would have preferred a soft bungee headband myself.

The ear cups have some vertical rotation to them, but there is no horizontal movement. So you can’t wear them like a DJ that well, with one ear cup to one side, and they don’t pack up small or can be worn comfortably around your neck.

As for their sound quality. Their 50mm drivers pack a decent mid-range level of clarity and punch to their audio performance, yet with all the volume sliders maxed out they could have still been a little louder. This can be improved when used on PC with its driver and equaliser presets. Their all round audio quality in music as well as in gaming sounded great, with decent levels of low, medium and high range in music and an acceptable level of punch in fast explosive action and shooting games.

7.1 Surround Sound & Microphone 

If you’re buying these earphones for 7.1 surround, then I’m sorry to say I found this feature to be a little disappointing. Turning this feature on resulted in an open space echo effect rather than actual positional audio. Only true surround is promised when using either of its USB connecting cables with a PC desktop and an installed software driver. But with this all installed, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, other than a much bigger echo sound effect which sounded like you’re playing in an echoey empty room, and it didn’t carry any true level of surround effect in most of the games I played with them on than as they do with the option turned off.

Its detachable and adjustable boom microphone has a good length to it, and at the end, there is a foam cover to help reduce wind noise and plosives from recordings. The headset also has AI Powered Environmental Noise Cancelation technology built into the headset to dampen background noise, which works to some extent. I could hear my voice clearly over the background noise, so the ENC tech seems to be doing something here.

My Impressions

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Gaming Headset retails for $69.99 from Amazon US, $49.99 from Amazon Canada and you can buy them directly from the EKSA store for £57.83.

At this price, the E5000 Pro headset is a solid buy. They look good, their build quality is solid and comfortable, and they feature a decent level of options including multi-platform connection support, steal headband construction, a removable microphone with a good level of noise cancelling, 1.1inch thick foam ear cups already help reduce outside noise, whilst their large 50mm drivers pack a good level of sound quality for its price. 

You’ll get the most out of this headset when gaming on a PC desktop with its custom drivers and equaliser presets, outside of this, they still sound great, but you’ll likely never use the 7.1 surround effect mode, and you might not get the maximum audio levels from it either.

But if you’re after a solidly built, great mid-range sounding pair of headphones that can be used across a wide variety of gaming consoles, desktops, and also mobile devices, then your money can go a long way with this pair of gaming headphones from ESKA.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:23 – Unboxing
0:46 – Features
2:47 – Audio Quality
3:23 – 7.1 Surround Sound
4:04 – Microphone Quality Test
5:14 – My Impressions

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