A must have accessory for your Apple TV Siri Remote (Elago R1 Case Review)

Enjoy our Elago R1 Protective Silicone Case for Apple TV Remote Review. You can buy the R1 Silicone Case for the Apple TV Siri Remote for $7.99 from Amazon → https://amzn.to/2OumLPm.

Elago R2 – Slim Case → https://amzn.to/2O4hy12
Elago R3 – Protective Case → https://amzn.to/38fmWoV

Today we are looking at a new accessory for the Apple TV Siri Remote, this is the R1 Protective Siri Remote Case from Elago. This is a soft silicone case for the Apple TV Siri Remote, which wraps around the remote in a way that makes it much easier to notice the direction that the remote is facing so that you don’t pick up and use the remote the wrong way around.

In the box you get the silicone case itself, and there is an attached fabric lanyard strap. There’s no instruction manual because it’s so simple to install the R1 case onto the Siri remote. You just take your remote and slide it into the top of the case, and that’s it, you’re done.

The case fits perfectly around the remote. It’s made from durable, soft silicone, which adds great grip and fall protection. If you’re playing any active Apple TV games, the case comes with a fabric lanyard strap to put around your wrist to prevent you from accidentally throwing the remote into your TV screen.

The R1 has a minimalistic ergonomic design, with grip handles underneath that work great when holding the remote, but more so when gaming on Apple TV. The case makes the remote slightly thicker too so when you are holding the remote like a gamepad, it makes it more comfortable to hold too. The ridges around the glass touchpad can feel a little high when using certain gestures, but over time you soon get used to it.

Another great feature of the R1 is inside the case, there are two strong neodymium magnets inside, which allow you the ability to attach the remote onto any metal surface. This could be a TV bezel or side cabinet, so you know where exactly the remote is the next time you need it, or you could use the magnets to attach it high enough so that it’s out of reach from young children.

This case has all the various areas of the remote cut out for the remote to function as normal, including holes for the microphone, glass touchpad, charging port, IR transmitter, and all the function buttons.

The Elago R1 Intelli Siri Remote Case retails for £9 or $8 from Amazon. With its silicone protective case, ergonomic design and magnetic attachment points, it is not a bad price for all the features it comes with. And the fact that its design stops you from picking the remote up the wrong way every time is worth the cost alone.

It comes in a variety of colors to suit your home decor, including black, white, lavender, pink, blue and red. There is a clear case option that you see here and there is also glow in the dark option too. Elago also makes a more protective case and also a slim case for the Apple Siri remote that I hope to also bring reviews of, so look out for those on this channel soon.

The united colours of Elago R1

You can buy the R1 Silicone Case for the Apple TV Siri Remote for $7.99 from Amazon → https://amzn.to/2OumLPm.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Brief overview
0:45 – Unboxing
0:58 – Installation
1:07 – Features
2:41 – Cost and my Impressions
3:05 – Colour options and alternatives

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