3-in-1 Apple iPhone + Apple Watch + Apple AirPods Charging Stand Dock | STM Goods ChargeTree Swing Review

Enjoy my STM Goods ChargeTree Swing 3-in-1 Apple iPhone + Apple Watch + Apple AirPods Charging Stand Review. You can buy this stand for $80 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3aMSL9p or for under £50 from Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/3mXotXi.

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In this video I check out a new small-footprint charging stand from STM Goods. It is a well built 3-in-1 stand that comes in two colours. The white one in this video features a dual tone look of white and grey, with the STM Goods orange accent of colour.

The 3-in-1 means you will be able to charge up to 3 devices from this 1 stand. You can charge the iPhone (or any other wireless charging smartphone) from the main front-facing Qi charging plate on the stand. Charging the device up to 15 Watts and it also has 7.5 Watt charging speeds also.

At the back of the stand there is also another Qi charging plate that offers up to 5 Watts of charging. This is ideally suited for the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro wireless charging cases, but you can also slow charge any other Qi compatible smartphone or accessory from this flat plate at the back.

Finally the USP of this charging stand is the fold out arm for charging the Apple Watch. It has the charger built into it, so there’s no messing around with extra wires here, and should you not have an an Apple watch or need for it, you can simply swing it back towards the charger to maintain the clean lines and small footprint of the stand.

Its features makes this stand a very viable accessory for your desktop or nightstand, more so if space is limited for charging all three devices. The bonus, is it will do it all in the same footprint as an average sized wallet, or coffee cup coaster on your desktop/nightstand top surface. The ledge and font surface is covered in rubber, to help soften the noise when your devices is plonked onto it at night without waking up the otherhalf. And a desecrate and timed LED light shines through the clear plastic ledge to tell you which one of the three devices is charging, as well as flashing if the device is out of alignment or incompatible. This light turns off after around 60seconds, so it will not illuminate your room at night.

My Impressions

Overall, I found this stand to be a solid and well-built charging stand for all three of Apple’s flagship devices. It’s small footprint is great for nightstand use where the table top surface maybe fairly limited. The swing out arm puts your Apple Watch with nightstand mode front and centre, and makes it easy to read and reach for at night.

Personally I prefer my Watch night stand to horizontal, due to its bigger numbers, and the swing arm only swings one way that positions it vertical. Also, if you sleep on one particular side of the bed this watch arm will be further away from you, so that might be less than ideal.

I am not a fan of the white two-tone look as much as the black version that’s also available. The mix of grey and white materials felt a little less aesthetically pleasing on the eye for me. If the grey was more white, I think it would be have much nicer to look at, especially when everything isn’t mounted onto it. So in all, the black version would have been my preferred colour of choice.

If you’re after a low profile charging stand for all three of your Apple devices, then this ChargeTree Swing stand has a lot going for it. The only box it didn’t manage to tick, is its price, which I feel is a little too much for this plastic Storm Trooper aesthetic, but you do have to remind yourself that you are getting three wireless charging points all on one relatively small stand, so that thought alone, looks aside, it makes the cost become a little more approachable.


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Brief overview
1:34 – Unboxing
1:50 – Features
3:25 – Charging Apple iPhone 13 Pro
4:08 – Charging Apple Watch
4:44 – Charging Apple AirPods Pro
5:00 – Horizontal support
5:34 – My Impressions

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