Xiaomi Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


For most of us, keeping your house clean is a regular task that most of us do not enjoy. If you’ve come here to read this review, you are likely curious about overcoming this chore or looking for a way out of this monotonous task by using a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Thankfully technology is here to help. Over the years we have seen many technology companies innovating in this area, creating little automated cleaning robots that scurry around our domain, sweeping up our floors, all whilst we are able to do more important things.

I’ve been quite sceptical about robot vacuum cleaners over the years. My view was that they are small, dumb things that hardly get over and around surfaces in the house to really get it clean. With their limited suction power and tiny spinning brushes, I thought that they are more likely to move dust and dirt around the house, rather than collect and suck it up.

The Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum, docked and charging

The Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner entered my world recently, and all those thoughts, views and assumptions have all but been abolished. The days of robot cleaners have certainly arrived. You will want one, trust me.

I’ve had the Mijia Robot Vacuum for enough time now to sample its pros and cons around the house. At the end of the day, if it can’t do the main task of what it’s meant to do, and that’s clean the house, then this result shows up pretty much instantly after its first run. Thankfully though, the Mijia Robot Vacuum delivers in spades.

In the box, you get the robot vacuum itself, all in its shiny white Apple-aesthetic glory, a quick start guide and a more detailed manual, a comb to clean the underside brushes, an EU power lead and the charging base station. Out of the box the robot had around 50% of its charge already. That’s enough to clean my entire house at full power, but I first located a suitable placed for the base station and positioned the robot into its base for charging. An auditable ‘charging’ soon chimed out of the robot’s internal speaker to confirm this action, and whilst it was charging I proceed to connect the robot vacuum to my Wi-Fi router.

The Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum is small yet powerful and feature rich vacuum

Connecting to and controlling the robot is done over Wi-Fi, through an app on your iPhone or Android device. You first download the app from the app store, sign-up, and then first connect to the robot’s WiFi to sync it to your homes WiFi connection. Once connected to my Wi-Fi I was soon alerted to update its firmware, which I recommend you do for security and performance improvements. This took a few minutes, after which I was ready to commence cleaning.

With a simple tap of the ‘Clean’ command on my smartphone, the robot sprang into life. Once leaving its base station, it will begin to move its way around a 2m x 2m area of my home, scanning its surroundings with its 12 internal sensors. The Mijia Robot packs plenty of technology to move around and respect its surroundings and objects inside your home. A laser distance sensor (LDS) sits on top scanning walls at 360-degrees at 1800 times a second at a range of 6 metres. With its additional optical sensors and three processors and SLAM algorithm, it’s able to intelligently map the space and work out the best course for cleaning. Any wall of an object in its way will be tracked and displayed on the map of its progress in the smartphone app. It’s from here you can monitor its progress where it has and hasn’t been, how much charge is remaining and how long the cleaning has taken so far.

Manage and control the Mijia Robot Vacuum inside the free smartphone app

In the app, you can also set how much suction, and therefore noise, that comes from the robot vacuum. There are settings for Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Full Speed settings. In Quiet mode, the suction is reduced and the robot sounds like a low setting on a hairdryer. Using the Full Speed setting, you get its maximum suction of 1800pa, and be a lot louder. Thanks to its brushless motor it isn’t as loud as my Dyson floor hoover, it’s more like the maximum setting on a hairdryer. With the motor being physically smaller than an upright hoover, the overall noise it delivers isn’t too distracting and as it is a robot you don’t even need to be in the house whilst it goes about its business.

My home has over 44 square meters of floor space for the Mi Robot to roam, and in its Full Speed mode it did this space in 50minutes and it only took up less than half of its 5200mAH battery. It’s advertised to cover up to 250 square meters in a single charge. With this amount of battery, it easily cleaned my home in one job, without the need to return to the docking station to recharge itself. At the need of its first cleaning session, I was surprised at how much it was able to pick up. My entire home has hardwood flooring, which anyone who has the same will know that you get more dust balls and hair around the house than a carpeted home. The Mijia Robot easily collects and stows this dirt in its internal 420ml collection bin.

After it’s first run of my entire home (which had around a week since it was last hoovered) I was very impressed at this handy little robot maid. In its first run, using its default Balanced mode, it did a great job and the bin was almost full at the end of its cleaning run. It’s second run at Full Speed two days later collected less than half this amount, and with regular cleaning runs I can imagine this dirt will get less each time, where I can imagine I will only need to empty the relatively small bin once or twice a week in my home.

Lid up reveals the 420ml bin inside – with its first session dust collected

Its top lid can be lifted up to reveal the clear plastic internal bin, which is better than some other vacuums where it is located underneath and it makes it easy to quickly assess how full it is and whether it needs emptying. After Unclipping the bin it can be pulled out and the door lid can be pushed opened using two fingers. With a small shake, the contents can be emptied into any waste or compost bin.

Since it arrived I have relocated the Mijia Robot Vacuum base station to its new ‘discrete’ home, underneath my sofa. From here it is tucked away, ready to spring into life whenever I choose to command it to clean. You can also set an automated schedule in the app, to make it clean each day or every set day, during a particular time and what cleaning mode. So if you are out or at work on a given time, you can have it cleaned whilst you’re away. Like with most smart devices, you can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and tell Alexa or Google to clean the house.

Thanks to a Zone Clean mode, you don’t have to clean your entire home every time, you can draw on the overview scan of your home select areas to send the robot vacuum to clean. This is great if you just made a mess on the kitchen floor, or the entry hallway is full of dirt from muddy walking boots. Sadly, you can’t save these zones in the app. It would have been a killer feature to be able to say to Alexa, ‘clean the kitchen’, and the Mijia Robot Vacuum would know where to go to clean without any further interaction.

There is a lot to like about the Mijia Robot Vacuum for its current 23% off price of $299.99 in the Banggood 13th Anniversary Sale. I have encountered a few minor niggles. The first is the common issue found with most robots of this type, and their struggle to climb over thick mats or rugs. With that said, the Mijia Robot did manage to mount on to our front doormat that measures around 1.8cm thick, but anything thicker and I think it would struggle and avoid it entirely. You could pick it up and put the robot onto the rug, or what I do with certain objects is to temporarily remove them off the floor to allow the robot to clean the space it takes up.

My second minor issue is when the vacuum is not level on the floor, it will reduce the overall suction. This regular on everyday hovers too, but with less suction power than floor standing hovers, the impact is less forgiving and the result is less dust collected on uneven edges, such as edges of rugs or mats where one side of the vacuum may sit on the rug whilst the other is on the floor around it.

Finally, the last minor niggle was that the Mijia version I received came with a two-pin Euro plug figure-8 cable, and I needed to source or buy a UK figure-8 compatible cable. This wasn’t an issue for me as I had an available spare cable, but for anyone reading this and thinking of buying one for use within the UK, you will not be able to use the Mijia Robot out of the box straight away and make sure you order a UK figure-8 cable.

Its single brush arm still manages to sweep into the small corners of your home

Overall, the Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum has completely changed my view on robotic vacuum cleaners. They are just as capable as any floor standing vacuum for the majority of light home cleaning, but they are not the complete answer to cleaning your home. I can already predict that my more powerful Dyson floor vacuum will see much less use from this day forward. You will still need an upright or handheld vacuum to clean heavier dirt areas, upper surfaces that the robot can’t reach, or the internal areas of your car, but for all light and regular cleaning in your home the Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum does all this work flawlessly, and best of all, it gives you the free time to do something less boring or far less strenuous.

Banggood.com has supplied this review sample for free, but we have not been paid by Banggood.com to write this review. All our reviews are genuine opinions of the product, from regular use and testing within a home, outdoor, or vehicle environment.

Mijia Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Overall Score



  • Small, clean looking and discrete size
  • Long life battery up to 250sq/m cleaning
  • Automated options, manual control and zone clean


  • EU box. Need to buy UK cable.
  • Reduced cleaning when at an angle
  • No saved zone settings


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