Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Cordless Vacuum Review

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Over the years vacuum technology has really come on leaps and bounds. In the UK we’ve had a clampdown on how powerful a vacuum can be, and because of this, it has led manufactures to look at more efficient ways to improve suction with the less power that’s available. In turn, we have begun to see a rise in cordless handheld vacuums that appear to be just as powerful and useful as the corded stand-up and pull vacuum cleaners of the past.

The Mijia 1C is light, powerful, and it looks great too!

With manufacturers such as Dyson now focusing on powerful and efficient cordless vacuums, everyone else has also followed suit. The Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner also sucks just as much power as the big major brands that are available, yet it achieves this whilst offering the same variety of attachments, solid build quality and it has the looks too. All of this comes at an affordable wallet-friendly price point.

In the box, you get the Mijia 1C vacuum main body, featuring an internal rechargeable battery, a powerful brushless motor, an easy to wash and maintain 5-layer HEPA filter and easy to empty 500ml dust storage box. There is also a long extension tube and motorised floor brush with a soft velvet roller that will help protect hard floors and surfaces. These pieces alone make up the majority of how the vacuum will mostly be used, however, there are also some additional accessories that come bundled in the box. You also get a thin crevice nozzle and optional brush head, a wider fabric nozzle and optional brush head, and finally, there is a rotating mini-motorised brush for use on fabrics, upholstery and furniture.

Charging the vacuum’s internal 2500mAh Li-ion battery is done with the bundled 25W AC wall adapter, which plugs into the handle of the vacuum to charge it. For the best experience though, you will want to use the bundled wall hanging mount that allows you to charge the vacuum whilst also stowing the vacuum neatly away, as-well-as gives the ability to attach two of the three additional accessories on to it too.

Storing the Mijia 1C and its accessories with the bundled wall charging mount

Once attached to the wall charging station and the small 25W power adapter is attached, you simply insert the Mijia 1C vacuum into the top slot and lower the vacuum into the wall charging cradle. Two metal contact points touch the back of the wall plate and the vacuum begins charging. Battery power and charging progress are indicated by three white LEDs that illuminate on both sides of the handle.

Charging the vacuum takes around 3.5hrs, which isn’t much of an issue if you store it on its charging mount so that it’s ready to go as soon as you take it off the wall. To use the vacuum, you simply pull on the trigger to power it. The trigger is light to the touch so you are not applying much pressure on the trigger whilst you move the vacuum around the home. The Xiaomi Mijia 1C vacuum can last up to 60 minutes at its lowest power setting, around 30 minutes at its balanced setting, and 8-10 minutes at its maximum full power setting.

Toggling each power mode is easily done by sliding a switch on the back of the vacuum handle. Performance of the lowest suction is decent and it really shows its full 120AW / 20000 PA suction power at its maximum setting. At full power, you may last for a few minutes, but you rarely require to have it set to this max setting, whilst the low and medium setting is just enough for picking up everyday dust and dirt around the house. At its medium setting, up to 30 minutes is more than enough for a small to a medium-sized house, or car interior.

Its 5-layer HEPA filter and storage bin is easy to empty, remove and wash

The cordless handheld hoover has come along way since the cordless Dirt Devil of the 90s, and replacing my Dyson ‘Big Ball’ CY23 for the Xiaomi Mijia 1C vacuum for a full two weeks has really revived new confidence in these new modern handheld vacuums. Their power is super convenient for spot dirt cleaning as-well-as casual every day cleaning of the entirety of my single floor three-bedroom house.

Being cordless, stick vacuums really come into their own when using them up flights of stairs and on multiple floors of a multi-story home. Without the need to pull a vacuum around, or manoeuvre a heavy standing hoover, as well as handle the long loose power cord they are attached to, the cordless vacuum like the Xiaomi Mijia C1 sells itself within just minutes of using it. It’s discrete size also helps if storing it is an issue in your home. With it fixed to your wall it’s low footprint helps release the space that was previously consumed by a more traditional vacuum in your store cupboard.

My first worry with any handheld vacuum was how heavy the cordless vacuum could be, especially when having to hold it for the time it takes to clean the home. Can you hoover an entire house without getting arm ache? Weighing at 1.6kg for the main vacuum unit alone, it’s certainly not feather-light, but it’s around 1kg lighter than the near equivalent v10 from Dyson.

Average ceiling height is easy to reach thanks to the long tube and accessories

When it comes to floor cleaning though, the majority of this weight is held by the attached stick tube and the attached wide floor accessory. The floor brush accessory can be easily pivoted and manoeuvred and it also has a powered rotating brush. This powered brush helps with not just the weight and manoeuvrability of the vacuum, it also helps pull the vacuum along, reducing the effort required to push it.

So will I ever be going back to my Dyson? I honestly don’t think I will be. The majority of my floor hoovering is tackled by the Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum, and the only reason to pull out my other hoover was to either clean the car interior, clean any out-of-reach dusty corners or above floor objects and furniture, all of which can be easily tackled by the Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Cordless Vacuum.

The best thing about the Xiaomi Mijia 1C vacuum is what you get for its relatively small asking price. Being a new and trending home technology, most cordless vacuums carry a fairly high price tag. The equivalent Dyson v10 will costs you around £399 or $429.99 USD, whilst the Xiaomi Mijia 1C will set you back just £173.44 ($219.99 USD) from Bangood at this time of writing, with 23% off its retail price.

The low profile of the Mijia 1C breathes new space in your storage cupboard

This is a huge saving to you, and you are not compromised on performance or build quality either with the Xiaomi Mijia 1C. I had no issues with its sleek looks, great performance and overall build quality. All-in-all, the quality you get for the price is just excellent. If you find yourself in the need for a new cordless stick vacuum and your wallet won’t stretch to any of the major brands, make sure you consider the Xiaomi Mijia 1C Cordless Vacuum.

Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Cordless Vacuum


Overall Score



  • Light, compact & powerful
  • Price & Looks great in white
  • Lower profile wall hanging charge station


  • 8-10 Min at maximum suction
  • Not all accessory can be stowed away
  • Extension rod is only one size

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