Volutz Equilibrium+ USB-A to USB-C 3.0 Cable Set Review

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You may already have a number of power adapters, power banks and in-car USB ports that feature the older USB-A connection type. So if you want to use these older devices with your latest USB-C powered tech you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Replacing the cable can be a much cheaper alternative to replacing the whole USB-A device outright. The Volutz Equilibrium+ Series USB-A to USB-C Cable Set helps to bridge the void between your old and new tech. This could be a new USB-C powered smartphone, the latest laptop, or an iPad Pro or tablet.

In the box there are three USB-A to USB-C cables of varying lengths, including 1ft (30cm), 3.3ft (1m) and 6.5ft (2m) lengths. Each cable is made with a very strong braided material and each connector feels solid and they are also gold-plated. Each cable feels very premium, however, their external visual design can make them appear a little child-like to me. 

In the box come 3 useful lengths of cable

This impression is likely due to its white and primary coloured detail. The green, red and yellow detail on each cable length is a decent way to easily tell apart from each cable when it’s caught up in a pile of others. However, the execution could have been a little better and more ‘pro’. I found the circular detail at the end of the cable also made me believe the ends could rotate 90-degrees – a feature I’ve not seen on a cable and would be very welcome if one was made to do that. 

The problem with many stock cables is that the join between the cable and the connector is always the weakest point and it is where most cables break the most. Each white Volutz cable has a thick dirt-proof acrylic nylon fibre braided material around it, a material that helps prevent you from creating a tight right angle. The 12,000+ bend tolerance on the connector at each end looks and feels like this cable will last a long while.

Each cable has 3 Amp charging and USB 3.0 5 GBps speeds

A cable’s durability can be very good for your wallet, especially when the Volutz Equalibrium+ Set costs only £11.98 from Amazon ($12.98 US). Remember, this price is for three cables. Many USB-C cables still carry a premium price. Apple doesn’t officially sell a USB Type-A to C cable currently, instead, they rely on third-party makers like Mophie who sell their 1m cable alone for an eye-watering £24.95!

All three cables in the Volutz Equilibrium+ Set are USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) rated, meaning they can transfer data to and from your USB-C devices at USB 3.0 speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Its 5V/3A power delivery supports Quick Charge 4+/3.0 which is ideal if you’re going to pair these cables with a Quick Charging power bank, such as the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux Power Bank

Each cable is well built with the latest technology and safety in mind

For most people, the Volutz cables will cater for most tasks, such as transferring large amounts of data or charging devices such as some laptops, mobiles and tablets. It will charge Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Air or a 13-inch MacBook Pro, similar to using the original Apple USB-C cable that came with it. The shortest 30cm cable is great for travel or for charging devices on your desktop, while the longer cables are more suited for use with wall chargers. I even used the longer cable with a power bank in my pocket whilst charging my Oculus Quest VR headset

If you’re looking for a bundle of handy cables to bring new life to your old chargers or devices, or you just want a cheaper solution to powering your latest USB-C tech with your existing USB-A car charger, be sure to check out the Volutz Equilibrium+ USB-C to USB-A Cable Set. Their design, build quality and durability will not only deliver, but they last you a long time too.

Volutz Equilibrium+ USB-A to C 3.0 Cable Set


Overall Score



  • Cheap bundle of USB 3.0 cables
  • Solid material, build and longevity
  • Connectors look like they will last


  • Design is a little child like
  • USB 3.0 speeds only
  • Rigid cable isn't great for on-person use

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