Ultimate Grip Vent Mount: OMOTON VM01 MagSafe Phone Mount Review

The VM01 Magsafe Compatible Car Vent Mount from OMOTON is a magnetic vent mount paired with a vacuum suction cup that gives this mount up to 3.6 times more grip on your phone than most other car phone mounts.

In the box you get an instruction manual, there is the magnetic mount itself, a ball joint hook system with a pre-attached stabilising ring, and there are a set of wipes, 2 magnetic attachment rings in either black or white, adhesive stickers and a phone install guide to attach the magnetic rings onto the back of any non-magnetic mounting phone or phone case.

The mount is made mostly from a hard-wearing plastic material and it features my preferred hook vent mounting solutions, which simply hooks around the back of a vent blade, and a screw adjustment dial tightens the hook and secures the mount solidly back onto the vent.

Attaching your MagSafe-compatible phone is super easy. The ring of powerful N52 magnets has quite a powerful attachment to the back of my MagSafe iPhone or the case. Older phones can fit the supplied black or white coloured magnetic rings attached to the back of them.

Inside the outer ring of magnets on the mount is a rubber inner suction cup. This can look quite low-fi, but it really does add an extra level of attachment force to the back of the phone, and combined with the magnetic mount, this mount has a very strong attachment on your phone, so much so that can take some effort to release from it – I can’t see your phone ever leaving this mount.

The magnetic part of the mount attaches itself to the vent via a rather chunky ball-jointed hook system. There’s also a little support ring on the vent side of the hook system to help stabilise the mount further onto the air vent blades and reduce the dreaded “vent mount wobble”.

Unlike similar vent mounts, the hook arm itself isn’t made from a metal material, but it is thick and it does have some metal parts embedded into it to give it some extra reinforcement. A mount like this can never sit that flush to the air vent, so it will stick out some distance away from it. This can be an advantage though, as it will help the hot and cool air flow out from the vent as intended, and the ball joint itself can be adjusted to tilt your mounted phone to the best position for you.

Unfortunately, this mount isn’t able to charge your phone, it is just a magnetic suction mount only. Its price reflects this limitation at a current retail price of $17.99, after coupon discounts on Amazon.

With its simple, easy and reliable attachment, strong suction force and single-handed release mechanism. If you’re looking for a simple yet very strong magnetic vent mount, the VM01 Vent Mount from OMOTON ticks all the boxes as a great car phone vent mount.

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