Trust Radius GXT 310 Gaming Headset Review

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There are many gaming headsets out there that suit a wide variety of budgets. You can put down a hearty sum of over £300 for some gaming headsets, whereas for the majority of gamers can easily spend just half, or even a quarter, of that price and still have a decent sounding pair of headphones for your gaming antics.

The Trust Radius GXT 310 Gaming Headset sits firmly in the lower end of the headphone pricing spectrum. It is a crowded end of the market, where usually a headset does better at one thing and not the other, its rare to get a good allrounder at this price. So let’s see how many boxes it can tick…

In the box, you get the Trust GXT 310 gaming headset with its attached 1m short-length cable. This cable length is ideal for games consoles and mobiles where you simply plug it into the device, yet it also works pretty well too for laptops or desktops where the 3.5mm port is close by.

If you plan on using the GXT 310 with a PC desktop for gaming, you can use its bundled 1m adapter cable, which has separate input and output 3.5mm plugs on the end. Once connected to this cable the cable spans a generous 2m, enough for any desktop that’s sitting underneath your desk.

The over-ear headset design feels solid to the touch, it doesn’t creek when under pressure, as many cheap headsets do. Colour-wise the Trust GXT 310 carries a mix of dark grey and red, which gives it a pleasing aesthetic that I am sure it will appeal to many gamers. The red padding on the underside of the headband is very striking, whilst the red hints of colour carry through to the inside ear cups. Finally, there are further red hints of the GXT branding logo on each side of the adjustable headband.

Attached to the left ear cup is the fold-away microphone boom. The boom itself is rather short in its length, however, its microphone quality is surprisingly decent for a headset of this price range. It just shows you don’t really need to have a boom reach around to your lips in order to give you good audio recording quality. The boom can be stowed away vertically and it snaps between seven positions when dropped down.

Although it is stated on the box, it The GXT 310 doesn’t come with an in-line remote. So you have to turn to support from software or your device to change volume or mute the microphone. This is such a standard feature that should be available on any gaming headset selling today.

The soft PU leather over-ear pads feel soft to the touch, however, when worn on the head, they can feel a little too firm for my liking. This firmness also limits this headset’s sound deadening potential, meaning outside sounds can still be heard fairly easily when the headset is worn and the volume is low.

The headset band cushion also mirrors the same comfort levels of the over-ear pads. They are soft to the touch but they can still feel firm on the top of your head, especially with short or no hair. After a long gaming session, I can imagine this headset could become uncomfortable over time, but anyone with thick long hair up top may have a better experience.

What did surprise me, is the general audio quality of the GXT 310. At this price, they will not blow you away, but there is a decent level of bass here, thanks to its 40mm drivers inside each ear cup. Sadly though, what does let this headset down is that the mid-range and treble are a bit lifeless. If you like hearing explosions more than bullet ricochets then this headset maybe one for you.

Retailing for around £19.99 on Amazon, the Trust Radius GXT 310 will certainly not break the bank if you’re looking for a cheap gaming headset. Its clear microphone and punchy bass response are certainly decent, however, I feel it needs better comfort in its headband and ear cups if you are going to use them for long gaming sessions and the lack of treble and mid-tones doesn’t bring much life from a game into my ears.

Trust Radius GXT 310 Gaming Headset


Overall Score



  • Solid build quality and aesthetic
  • Short and long cable options
  • Decent microphone and bass quality


  • Lifeless mid-tone and treble
  • Padded headband and ear-pads too firm

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