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It is only until last year that I could justify a need for an Apple Watch. Since owning one for a few months now I am now relishing all the features of Apple’s latest Series 5 smartwatch. One thing that has surprised me though, is how unsupported it is in the accessory market. There are plenty of charging docks available for the Apple Watch, yet not many have embraced the portable charging market.

The USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock from Satechi is a recently released, travel-friendly Apple Watch accessory that helps fill this void, offering a portable solution to charging your Apple Watch with any USB-C device or charger that you have laying nearby.

There is a wide choice of docking stations that you either have to reuse your existing Apple magnetic charger cable with and there are some that come with the functionality pre-installed. This USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock is the latter and comes pre-fitted with its own magnetic charger, surrounded in an aluminium space grey casing, ready for any traveller wishing to give it a knock or two.

A single USB-C connector protrudes out of the sleek space grey metal casing. It would have been a nice touch if you could stow the connector back into the case, to make it’s already low-profile even sleeker. The USB-C connector does feel firm, should it get caught in your bag along with your other objects.

Using the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock is very simple. Locate a spare powered USB-C port, plug it into the port, take off your Apple Watch and place it onto the white magnetic charging disc of the dock – you can’t get it wrong really. As soon as your watch rests on the dock, the power from the device that it is attached to will flow through into the dock and being to charge your Apple Watch.

With its USB-C connection, you have a number of choices to connect the Magnetic Charging Dock to. You can connect it straight into a USB-C wall charger or from a spare USB-C port on your Apple MacBook or Apple iPad Pro. You can even plug it into one of the latest USB-C Power Bank chargers if an AC outlet is out of reach or you’re out in the wild, camping.

Although the official Apple Watch charging cable isn’t that bulky to stow away, I find the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock a more discrete, smart, and tidy way to keep your Apple Watch juiced up whilst you’re working at your desk or when you are on the move.

The latest Apple Watches have a decent enough battery life on them to last most of the day (or two if you’re lucky), yet if you don’t get yourself into a routine of charging the watch on a nightstand every night, you will soon find yourself caught short and out of battery the following day. Having this in your pocket or backpack will certainly give you the ability to charge your Apple Watch at any opportunity you have where a USB-C port is nearby.

The Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock retails for $39.99 from Amazon, which is $10 more than the official Apple Watch Magnetic Charger cable, and a lot more than some third-party charging cables. So at this price, it is difficult to justify why you would want to pay this extra cost, where Apple’s own USB-C cable could give you additional options on where and how you charge your Apple Watch.

On the other hand, the small, compact package of the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock does have great appeal for anyone looking to remove the clutter and excess wires from their desktop or travel bag. Amazon has sold this Satechi dock for $29.99 during a Lightning Deal, so I would keep an eye out for this again if you’re shopping on a budget because the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Dock is super neat and I personally would rather take this with me than pack yet another long white cable into my travel bag.

Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock


Overall Score



  • Solid build quality and looks
  • Plug it into any powered USB-C port
  • Small, discreet, no wires


  • Pricey over Apple's own USB-C cable
  • Nearby USB-C ports are blocked by it
  • $5.99 extension should be bundled


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