Quntis 30W PD Fast Charger for iPhone and iPad Review

If you have an older iPad that features a lightning connection, or you have an iPhone, you’ll need a more powerful charger than the ones that likely came with them to get the most powerful charge to these devices.

In the box you get the Quntis 30W charger and 2-meter Lightning to USB-C cable

The Quntis 30W PD Fast Charger is the same size as their 18W charger that we have also reviewed on CarPlay Life. It has a much sharper edge to its casing, compared to its rounded edges of the 18W charger, and because of this the charger can seem a little bigger, but it’s really not. Both measure 8.4cm long, 4cm wide and 2.5cm deep, so it’s very portable when you compare it to the much old 30W chargers out there.

Its white exterior carries a very Apple aesthetic, and like many UK chargers, its USB-C socket is positioned vertically rather than horizontally on the EU and US versions of this adapter. An issue that can play with your OCD.

The UK charger has fixed pins, which increase is rather small size

The fast charger features just one USB-C port at the end, so you know it will provide its full 30W output from this port. It has a lot of components inside to help protect your devices from over-voltage, overheating or short-circuiting, and there is a 2-year warranty for your piece of mind too. It’s a shame that makers of UK chargers don’t adopt a way to fold the pins away just like on Apple’s own wall chargers. This would make any charger the ultimate portable charger to put in your backpack.

In the box, you get a generous 2-meter (6.6ft) Lightning to USB-C cable. It’s a heavy-duty cable that features an MFI (Made for iPhone) certified chipset inside to ensure 100% compatibility with your iOS devices. It also supports high-speed data transfer and syncing and thanks to its long length you can easily use it whilst on your bed or couch without feeling like you’re tied to the nearby wall socket.

The business end of the charger features a vertical USB-C port delivering 30W

Performance with the Quntis 30W charger is great. The time it takes to charge your iPhone can be up to 2 hours faster than if you used the stock Apple charger. So this kind of speed can be super helpful if you need to charge your iPhone or iPad back to 100% real fast before heading out the door. 

The Quntis 30W charger costs £20.99, RRP £22.99 at Amazon UK – use coupon code ‘Quntis30W‘ to get 15% OFF your order – and $30.99, RRP $35.99 from Amazon US at the time of this recording, which is a decent price considering Apple’s own 30W charger retails for a lot more, at £50 ($49 US). The 30W charger from Anker is £40 ($50 US) and Belkin also has a similar 30W USB-C charger that costs £45 ($45). None of these chargers I have mentioned come with a cable, though, so considering you get a 2-meter Lightning cable also in the box, the Quntis 30W Fast Charger is a pretty great deal if you’re on the lookout for a more powerful charger for your iOS devices.

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