NOVOO 10000mAh Ultra-Compact​ USB-C Power Bank Charger Review

With today’s power hungry devices, being caught short of power for your smart devices when you’re nowhere near a power outlet, can be a common occurrence. Battery anxiety can happen fairly often when you’re out and about for long periods of time whilst using your smart device for things like navigation, watching movies or streaming audio. This is when a power bank is your faithful companion in situations like these.

The ultra-compact Novoo 10000mAh power bank with USB-C PD

The NOVOO Power Bank is one such power bank that is not only ultra-compact, it’s also packed full of juice, 10000mAh of battery capacity in-fact. This amount of power provides enough battery capacity to charge an iPhone 8 3.7-times over, an iPhone X 2.4-times or an iPad Pro 11” around 1.2x over. That’s pretty great considering all this juice is crammed into a power bank the size of 2.3-inch x 3inch x 1.1inch. At a weight of 182g/6.42oz this power bank is slightly lighter than the Anker PowerCore II we reviewed, so it also isn’t going to weigh your bag, or even your coat pocket, down too much.

The NOVOO Power Bank is not going to win any awards in the visual department. Its square edges and grey plastic exterior doesn’t ooze the same visual appeal as say power banks from Anker. With a single press of a button on the side, you’ll be able to find out its current charged status via the four blue LED lights the run along the side of the unit.

To fill the NOVOO you use the supplied 12.5-inch USB-C to USB-A cable and its USB-C input port. This USB-C port allows 12W of input and is Power Delivery compatible, so by using a powerful wall adapter you will be able to fill its battery capacity relatively quickly. The USB-C port is also an output port too, with up to 18W of Power Delivery. This port also supports the Quick Charge ability on the latest iPhones to give 50% recharge to your smartphone’s battery in just 30 minutes.

On the opposite end of the Power Bank is a single female USB-A output port. Being an outputonly port, if your USB-C is already occupied, you can only charge another device through this port instead. If you have a spare USB-A to C cable you can charge another USB-C drive with this port, or use the bundled cable and have a spare USB-C to C cable handy. 

As an ultra-compact power bank, the NOVOO Power Bank certainly delivers. Retailing for $15.99 on Amazon using our promo code VRGQ72WV until 2019-7-31 23:59PDT, its price comes in under Anker’s offering. Its compact size certainly makes it ultra-portable whilst delivering up to three complete charges to a variety of the latest smartphones, whilst it also has the 18W power delivery technology to charge even a power-hungry iPad or a Nintendo Switch. If you’re on a budget and you’re after a good all-round power bank that’s small in size but packs enough juice to see you through the day (or even a few days), check out the NOVOO 10000mAh power bank.

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