JoyTutus Universal 15W Wireless Car Charger Qi Fast Charging & Magnetic Fast Charging Review

Enjoy our JoyTutus Universal 15W Wireless Car Charger Qi Fast Charging & Magnetic Fast Charging Review. You can buy the JoyTutus wireless car charger for $42 directly here → Use Coupon code ‘CARPLAYLIFE‘ at checkout for 15% OFF your order.

This is a vent mount fast charger for your smartphone that has a number of smart features that I go through with you in this video. This mount has an automatic sensor at the bottom here that detects when your are near to the mount and the arms automatically open outwards to accept it. Once placed on the mount the arms will then contract inwards to close it and provide a strong enough hold around your smartphone.

There is a small touch sensitive button on the right edge of the mount, which when pressed, it will open out the arms to allow you to take your smartphone back out of the mount.

This is a nice feature, some would say a little gimmicky, but it has its uses, for example if you only have one hand free to place your smartphone onto the mount, or in dark or dimly lit conditions or perhaps if you have a physical impairment or disability.

This mount has two types of charging ability, depending on the smartphone you have. The first is the Qi standard of Wireless charging, in which you can simply place your wireless charging smartphone into the cradle of the mount and it will begin charging.

The second is for smartphones without wireless charging capabilities, however this mount is able to give your smartphone wireless charging too. It does this by supplying three types of magnetic connector heads: USB C, Micro USB and Lightning connector types. With these three connection types, it will also allow a wide number of smartphones to charge wirelessly on this mount.

You simply select the magnetic charging head that fits the charging port of your smartphone and insert it into the port and there is a small curved edge on the inside to suit any curved smartphone. Once the charging head has been inserted you just simply place it back onto the mount and there is a small charging pin on the bottom of the mount that connects magnetically to the head that’s connected into your smartphone and it will then begin to charge it.

This charging method is also great if you have a phone case that is over 6mm thick that wouldn’t work with the Qi wireless charging plate. By inserting the charging head you can continue to use his mount and still charge your smartphone with the case attached.

This wireless charge is powered by a USB A to USB C charging cable. It measures just under 1 metre in length. And once it is connected to a USB port in your vehicle and powered on, the Qi charging plate glows blue in colour, which makes it easy to place your smartphone into the mount in the dark or in dimly lit conditions.

This mount comes with the typical crocodile clips vent mount system. If you’ve seen my other vent mount videos, you’ll know I am not a major fan of these, as they do not hold well onto most vent blades and there are much better mounting types for the air vents in your car.

This Car Charger retails for $42 from JoyTutus directly – It’s price is a little steep, but considering its mechanical functionality and universal wireless charging, plus there is very little competition in this area, if you’re looking for a wireless charger that serves both Q1 charging and also non-wireless charging smartphones, then this car charging mount might be for you.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing
0:47 – What’s special about it?
1:47 – Wireless Qi charging
2:02 – Universal magnetic charging
3:40 – Vent mounting solution
4:22 – MagSafe alternative
4:46 – Where to buy it
4:58 – My Impressions

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