Gocomma Car Side / Rear View Mirror Waterproof Film Review

Unless you have a fancy vehicle, with heated side mirrors, when it comes around to winter, you soon face the inevitable morning of getting into your vehicle, rolling down the window and wiping your side mirrors free of rain water so that you can see out of them.

Even if you do have heated mirrors, you still face this rainy morning scenario from the beginning you enter your car. Sure your side mirrors eventually air dry once you are on the move, but that first period of time when you’re pulling out from your morning parking space, you could do with having clear obstruction-free view in your mirrors.

The Gocomma car side mirror waterproof film from GearBest.com uses a cleaver technology that does not allow water to stay on its surface. I was a little skeptical at first, but as you’ll see later in this review, the results are highly surprising!

In the packaging you will have everything you need to apply the single piece of waterproof film onto each of your vehicle’s side mirrors, including: 2 x Waterproof Film, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1 x Scraper, 2 x Sticky Dust Sticker, 2 x Wet & Dry Tissues.

Application is very simple. After cleaning the mirror of any dirt and dust with the bundled tissues, you spray the mirror with clean water to allow the waterproof film to slide on the mirror and allow any further adjustment. With one side of the film peeled off, you simply slide the film onto the mirror where you like. Use the bundled scraper to remove any air bubbles caught between the mirror and the film and then finally remove the outer protective film, leaving the waterproof film in place on the mirror. Leave to dry and you’re good to go.

The Gocomma waterproof film  80mm (Small) size on VW Golf Mk7 just after application, almost visible!

Even whilst doing the application process I was already seeing the results of what this waterproof film can do. It’s surprising why vehicle manufacturers do not coat their mirrors with this kind of technology – it’s a night and day solution to water coated glass. To cater for universal application, the film comes in a universal round 8cm for small sizes or 10cm for medium size mirrors. On larger mirrors can create a keyhole clear view to any mirror that’s covered in water, so the large size might be better suited for most vehicle side mirrors with its size of 14.5×10 cm.

The Gocomma waterproof film the following day, after rainfall – perfect clear vision!

The magic behind this waterproof film is Nano-hydrophilic technology. It has great waterproof and anti-fog effect. It’s also oil resistant, dust proof, and its anti-reflective coating can help reduce the brightness of rear vehicle headlights being cast into your side mirrors at night.

Retailing between £1.78-£2.32 ($2.29-$2.99 US) depending on size, with free shipping from GearBest.com, the Gocomma Waterproof Car Side Mirror Film carries a tiny price for such a huge advantage whilst driving in extreme wet conditions, or that early morning wet start as I mentioned at the start of this review. The product just works, and its technology should be applied to all future vehicles, but until that ever happens you can grab a piece of this waterproof nano-technology for such a small stocking-filler price!

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