Eufy Smart Scale Review

As the world tackles a global obese crisis, ironically we are increasingly living in a health-conscious world. Thanks to various connected smart devices and monitors, there is likely something you own that will track your health in some way or another.

Whether you’re stepping on smart scales each day, wearing an Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa Smart Watch to track your daily activity, or you have your smartphone monitoring your daily steps, we’re all an app tap away from finding out our past and current health status.

Having owned a Withings Smart Body Analyzer since 2014, some 4 years later it continues to monitor my daily weigh-ins, body mass and even heart rate. It also tracks the health of the air in the room as well as feedback my weight goals (not that I have ever reached them!) and the day’s weather too.

By all means, I am no health freak. I love my food, and I love technology too and having the ability to track my weight on a regular basis. Weighing regularly allows me to keep my eye on my average weight and enforce periods where I need to exercise a little more or change my food choices to prevent me from letting my weight spiral out of control.

Owning a smart scale has been super helpful to me, and I can’t see my life living without one. With my current smart scale being over 4 years old, and the advancement in technology, it makes me sometimes think whether there is anything better out now. So thanks to Eufy, a health and smart home division of accessory maker – Anker – I am able to see what the smart weighing scales of today now offer us.

The Eufy Smart Scale is classed as a full-body smart scale. This means by connecting the scale via Bluetooth to the EufyLife app and inputting your name, gender, height and age; along with your weight it can provide an insight into knowing other areas of your health, such as muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your BMI and (questionably) how much water your body contains.

All of these later measurements are rough figures, I don’t think they can be as accurate as using proper scientific measuring machines, but if looked at as a rough ballpark, for most of us, this can be just enough.

After a few years of owning a smart scale, I thought technology would have advanced in the low-end of the market. The Eufy Smart Scale costs just $44.99 on Amazon. So it was clear to see its limitations when compared to my four-year-old smart scale costing three-times the price. The first omission is the lack of a Wi-Fi connection, a feature I feel all smart scales need by default.

The Eufy Smart Scale can display your weight on the very clear and bright LED display at the top of the scale, however, to make this ‘smart’ you need to connect it to the app to track and monitor your weight over a calendar period. With Wi-Fi scales, this process is usually done without the need to have your device active or present. Data is sent up to the cloud and your phone simply pulls this information down and displays this on your smartphone.

It was to my disappointment that the Eufy Smart Scale requires your Bluetooth and its EufyLife app to be on and running before stepping on to the scales. If you don’t do this your weight will not be recorded in the app. It’s a shame that your measurements are not saved onto the scale’s memory and at a more convenient time it could push all these past measurements up to the EufyLife app when you next weigh in and have the app on. This becomes less of an issue If you can get into a habit of launching the app before stepping onto the scales, but for me it felt cumbersome to launch my iPhone each time, especially when I didn’t have my phone on me or nearby at the time.

As well as LED display technology, measuring speeds has also improved on today’s smart scales. The Eufy Smart Scale manages to measure my weight twice as fast as my 4-year old Withings Smart Scale. Granted it probably has less to process, but it is nice to be waiting much less before the scales have adjusted and confirmed my measured weight, however, this saved time difference is evened out because I have wait for my measurements to be pushed up to the EufyLife app over Bluetooth.

Once you have a few weight recordings for each or every other day of the week, you can view your trending weight on the EufyLife app. The app’s main dashboard displays key information on the first screen. This includes your last weigh-in, your current BMI and body fat percentage, your weight goal and two buttons to access your trending weight graph and your past weigh-in history.

Viewing your trending weight is an area you will visit in the app most often. This is because it is a very clear view of your weight gain and loss over a calendar period. From here you can see when you last binged on that pizza, or when you got off the sofa to run or cycle for a few consecutive days to offset said pizza. Your weight goal is clearly indicated on the same timeline and if it’s a realistic weight goal, and you reach it, then congrats to you!

For a more detailed report, you can view a section of the app that displays your current status in more detail, from your BMI, to bone mass and muscle mass; it also includes the nasty visceral fat we all wish to lose. You can even drill down to past dates to see how each was recorded at that time, but sadly there is now graph for these areas to make it more easier to read.

If you’re tracking other areas of your health, via other smart devices such as an Apple watch, you can sync data from the Eufy Smart Scale that’s recorded in the app to your Apple Health app profile. This way you know your data is safe and recorded in one central location and this info is then accessible in other health apps, or running apps for example.

As an entry-level smart scale, the Eufy Smart Scale does the job of recording your weight, just as long as you can get in the routine of accessing the app when it’s time to record your weight. If you want something fancy you will have to pay much more for it. But at $49.99 on Amazon, the Eufy Smart Scale is a decent smart scale to get you started on the ladder of recording and monitoring your daily health.

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