BlitzWolf BW-SD1 2-Port USB Car Charger Review

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USB car chargers are very common these days. They come fairly cheap and they regularly come with at least two USB ports. As the demand for more power from your smartphone increases each year, the need to charge their ever increasing battery capacities grows too. Having a decent in-car USB charging device becomes a necessity in your vehicle these days.

The BlitzWolf BW-SD1 2-Port USB Car Charger is once such device. Its rounded curves and fairly compact size packs two 2.4A USB ports that have a combined output of 24W. That is 12W per port, which is much more than the 5W standard charger that comes with your Apple iPhone.

Packaged in a gloss black casing, the BlitzWolf BW-SD1 is discrete in its looks and will blend in with your centre console. Around the middle region of the charger is a red ring that illuminates when it is powered. As well as this clear indication of charging, it also makes it easier to locate in your centre console at night.

Charging your smartphone or devices is done by simply plugging it into either of the top two USB ports and it will charge your devices at up to 24W. This power is shared if two devices are charging through both ports, so this power is split if two power hungry devices are charging simultaneously.

This charger certainly does its job, yet with other more powerful USB chargers releasing these days, you’ll be able to pick up a dual QC 3.0 fast charger without spending that much extra. At a retail price of just £6.99 ($7.99 USD) from, it certainly will not break the bank, and for peace of mind, it comes with an 18-month warranty and Power3S technology to keep your devices safe from over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. If you’re looking for a cheap USB charger on a budget, give the BlitzWolf BW-SD1 a consideration.

BlitzWolf BW-SD1





  • Solid build
  • Red ring displays charging state
  • Dual 12v USB ports


  • Faster chargers now available
  • Not as low profile as some others

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