BlitzWolf BW-FWC2 10W Foldable Wireless Fast Charger For iPhone Review

Wireless charging is all the rage at the moment. With its capability in the iPhone 8, iPhone X and the recent iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, it has boosted the popularity of the Qi wireless chargers.

There are two types of desktop Qi wireless chargers. There are flat/base chargers that allow you to place your iPhone on charge in a horizontal flat position. The vertical stand chargers usually angle the phone in a way that allows easy viewing whilst they charge, sitting fairly upright.

The vertical type is what I mostly go for as a wireless desktop or nightstand charger. It allows for easy glance-ability when any push notifications land on your lock screen; and if you have an iPhone with Face ID, then unlocking the device is much more convenient to achieve with a vertical stand instead of leaning over or picking your iPhone up from a flat/base charger whenever you get an alert.

The BlitzWolf BW-FWC2 10W Foldable Wireless Fast Charger from has a unique key feature that covers both horizontal and vertical positions in one device. With a simple hinged bracket, the BW-FWC2 can be adjusted between flat or vertical positions in seconds.

The best thing about this vertical stand that can fold flat, is that the box is surprisingly thin. Which isn’t possible with a fixed vertical stand. Sliding the wireless charger out of the slim box, you notice the solid build quality that you come to expect with BlitzWolf products.

Its smooth pearlescent white casing looks smart and clean looking, but although white was the go to colour for Apple products in the past, it feels slightly aged now and looks a little out of place against modern Apple products. It’s a shame the BW-FWC2 doesn’t come in black, silver or ‘space grey’; all common colours mostly found on modern Apple products these days.

This chargers main unique selling point is how it can swap between horizontal and vertical positions. This is done by lifting the top charging panel away from its base, tilting the panel up back towards you and then hooking its bottom edge into the chin of the base.

It is unfortunate that there is only one vertical position that this stand can go in. A few key positions would have made this product more personal and intuitive to use. Once vertical though, the stand feels very solid and I have not doubted it will keep its position once set for a long time to come.

Positioning the BW-FWC2 to its default flat horizontal position is just as easy as reversing the process. Once flat, the overall footprint sits very small. This is ideal if you wish to stow the charger way whilst in its low profile position.

Like most stands, there are coils positioned at the top and bottom of the stand. These are clearly shown on the business side of the wireless charger, so you know exactly where to place your iPhone to get the base charge to it.

The lower coil position allows you to position your iPhone horizontally should you wish to charge whilst watching YouTube, streaming a Twitch channel or catching the latest NetFlix series.

A little light at the front of the charger displays the status of the wireless charger. A blue glowing light shows when in charging mode, solid blue when fully charged or red when there is a problem with the charging position on the stand.

A white 1 meter USB C to USB A charging cable comes supplied with the main wireless unit. It’s odd that one end is USB A and not also USB C for use with the latest Apple desktop products. I am sure we will see this change in future updates of the product. If your desktop only has USB C ports available, you can still purchase a USB C to USB C cable. Otherwise, you can plus this into any USB A wall charger that you likely have laying around.

To take advantage of this stand’s fast charging functionality, it is recommended that you plug its USB cable into a decent 5v 2.1A+ or QC 3.0 wall adapter powerful enough to give it the juice it needs to max out its 7.5W/10W charging ability. If you opt for a less powerful adapter, this wireless charger will charge your device at 5W, which is still enough to charge your iPhone overnight, but maybe not enough for the quick ‘top-up’ during the day.

Overall, the BlitzWolf BW-FWC2 Fast Wireless Charger is a great wireless stand allows you to easily swap between horizontal and verticals charging positions and it folds down to a nice size that could easily make it ideal for travelling with.

At a retail price of $22.99 (£18.31) from it doesn’t break the bank, and it delivers fast wireless charging of up to 10W for any compatible iPhone. So if you’re after a clean, Apple-white-looking wireless stand that gives you the best of both charging types, I would definitely consider the BlitzWolf BW-FWC2 Fast Wireless Charger.

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