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So today we have three different cases to look at for the iPhone 12 series from ESR. I have a flexible  slim clear soft TPU case, a silicone bumper case with raised edge protection, and a MagSafe compatible silicone case with camera guard.

All cases can be purchased from Amazon via the links below:

ESR MagSafe Case $22.99
Amazon US →
Amazon UK →

ESR Clear Case $6.99
Amazon US →
Amazon UK →

ESR Bumper Case $15.99
Amazon US →
Amazon UK →

ESR iPhone 12 Soft TPU Clear Case

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Amazon UK →

First, let’s take a look at the clear case. It is your standard soft TPU material clear case that’s available from many other brands for the iPhone 12. It has all the standard features that you normally get with cases like this, such as yellowing resistance that means it will stay this clear for longer, and there is some general protection at the sides and corners of the case. 

What ESR have done at the back, is to give more protection to and around the camera bump area. It has this bevelled frame that is wider and goes a little higher than some other cases to give the lenses added drop protection. 

Another nice addition to this case is that there are edge colours available should you wish to keep the back of the case clear, but change the colour of the sides. There are also black, blue and gold side colour options of this clear case. For example, I always like the look of the white version of the iPhone, however, I am not a fan of its chrome silver frame. So if I got the black clear case I would be able to turn the chrome edges of the iPhone black instead, whilst still being able to show the white backing of the iPhone through its clear case at the back. 

The side sleep and volume buttons are moulded into the case with the same clear soft silicone material, so they are easy to press whilst giving some protection to them. On the bottom, we have the standard hole cutouts for the speakers and charging cable port. 

On the inside of the case, there is a slightly raised texture to allow air to circulate behind the iPhone and I also think this is also to help with the anti-yellowing resistance. 

With a case attached, you’ve got a slight lip around the edge of the iPhone screen. The edges are slightly rounded so it feels smooth if you have to do any swipe gestures on the edges of the phone. Unlike some other cases, it’s not sharp, so you don’t catch your fingers on it as you swipe. 

Overall I think it’s a nice looking case. The coloured edge options are a great way to hide the side colour of any iPhone colour you chose and may not be a fan of. Personally, I would have preferred the camera bump to be clear on the coloured edge versions of this case. But for £7.99 from Amazon, this is a budget-friendly clear case with a few edge colour options.

ESR iPhone 12 Silicone Bumper Case

Amazon US →
Amazon UK →

Next is the ESR Silicone Bumper Case for the iPhone 12 series. This case just surrounds the edges of your iPhone, which some people prefer to use as it shows off the iPhone colours and style whilst still giving it some level of drop protection.  It’s also great for MagSafe accessories and chargers, with no case backing to get in the way, reducing the charging power or magnetic strength. 

The feel of the case is nice to touch, it’s a little velvety in the feel of it, however, it doesn’t stick to the pockets when you bring it. But I would say it is that type of silicone material that probably does pick up any dust or dirt if it comes into contact with it. 

On the front, there is a slightly raised rounded lip to protect the front of the screen when placed down on a surface. And at the back the edge is slightly deeper to allow for some extra protection to the raised camera bump and its lenses, should you drop it face down on its back. 

The volume and sleep buttons are moulded into the side of the bumper case with the same soft silicone material, so they are very easy to press inwards. And on the bottom, there are large cutouts for the lightning port, but oddly the holes are the same on each side rather than matching the speaker holes of the iPhone inside.

If you’re a fan of bumper cases, then this is a decent alternative to the more expensive official versions, whilst pretty much doing the same level of protection. The silicone material is rigid at the sides and around the charging port. Unlike some other bumper cases, I’ve seen. But at £10.99, I do find it odd how this case can cost more than the previous clear case, which would give your greater protection. If you want unrestrictive MagSafe performance along with some side protection, then this bumper case might be for you.

ESR iPhone 12 MagSafe Case

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Amazon UK →

The final case I am looking at today is the soft silicone case with Magsafe pad through support. This is a standard silicone case with a MagSafe compatible panel and on the inside alongside a brushed velvet-like texture on the inside of the case. 

On the outside, we have the same signature ESR rear bevelled edge, but this time there are camera lens cutouts for each of the lenses on the iPhone 12. 

The sides have a large enough cut out for the mute switch and the sleep and volume buttons are all made from the same silicone material and are very easy to press inwards. Also on the side there is a lanyard hole, should you wish to use that, and on the bottom, there are small circular cutout holes and a large cut out hole for the lightning connector. 

The top portion of the case has a slight lip to it so you do get some front screen protection, should you face the phone downwards. I would say like the bumper case, the silicone material that they have used does pick up just a little bit of dirt and dust, however, it doesn’t get stuck to your inner pocket when you bring it out. 

This case comes in a variety of bright and neutral colours. There’s a black, deep navy blue, grey, red, green, yellow and this kumquat orange colour, which I think is pretty funky. 

Its MagSafe passthrough works great through this case, and charging is also good. Pairing this case with this ESR HaloLock car charging mount, it holds onto the mount very well, without falling off when going over any serious bumps on the road.

The MagSafe Silicone Case is at the high end of ESR’s case lineup retailing for £$22.99 from Amazon, but the cost you’re saving over an official MagSafe silicone case is just over double. It features the same great level of protection whilst coming in at a wallet-friendly price.

Overall Impressions

Although we are just a day away from the reveal of the Apple iPhone 13, if you’re on the lookout for a case for your, soon to be older, iPhone 12 then these cases from ESR come at a great price with a great level of build quality and materials that shouldn’t disappoint. 

All of these cases are available today on Amazon. Clicking on the links above not only helps you find the product directly but it also helps support the site and channel and the time it has taken to create this review.


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5:02 – ESR iPhone 12 Silicone MagSafe Case
6:51 – Overall Impressions

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