Avolare Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount Review

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We’ve covered many air vent mounts on CarPlayLife, yet the problem with many of them is that they don’t last the long test of time. With lots of movement and vibration from your car, many mounts eventually work their way loose and fall off, often with your phone attached to it, as it plummets into the footwell of your car. The Avolare Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount is a very discrete magnetic smartphone vent mount that features a vent attachment method that is likely to avoid this inevitability in your vehicle.

In the box you get the mount, two pairs of metal plates and a fitting manual

In the box, you get a happy card and an English manual that will tell you how best to attach the supplied magnetic plates onto your smartphone, and also how to fit and adjust the mount on to your cars’ air vent blades. Also inside the box is the magnetic mount itself, which features four powerful Neodymium “Earth” magnets underneath its rubber faceplate. On the back, there is a small cable management hook to attach a USB power cable to, so that you have it close to hand when you mount your phone on to it. 

You also get two pairs of metal plates (one for yourself and a partner’s phone perhaps) that you can choose to either insert between your smartphone and its case, or you can stick the smaller round one with its 3M adhesive backing onto the back of your naked smartphone.

The hook attachment system is so simple, it just works, perfectly

The Avolare magnetic vent mount features something a little different to the many vent mounts I have reviewed. It’s so simple, that it just works so well to keep the mount firmly locked onto your vent blades. This feature is a small attachment hook. To attach the mount, you simply extend the reach of this hook by rotating the dial at the back anticlockwise, you then place it into and over an air vent blade, and then turn the dial clockwise to pull the arm’s reach inwards. This will begin to tighten the grip of the mount around the vent blade, which in turn creates a stable mount that will simply not be able to slide off – thank’s to that hook. 

Once the mount is attached, you can then simply place your phone onto the mount and it will magnetise to where you have placed the metal plate on the back of your smartphone or within its case. The good thing about magnetic mounts is you can easily place your phone on to the mount as you wish and easily switch between portrait and landscape orientations, either by removing and replacing the phone on the mount or using the mount’s ball joint to rotate the phone whilst it is attached to it.

The mount neatly attaches to your vent blades without taking up space

Overall, I am impressed with the Avolare Magnetic Vent Mount. I love its very small and discreet form factor, whilst it is firm attachment and hook system reassures me I will not have to keep readjusting the mount or have it unexpectedly detach and fall off.

The one oversight from Avolare is the popularity of wireless charging on phones todat, including the last few generations of iPhones. With the solid metal plates on the back of your wireless charging phone, it will simply not charge on any wireless charger. I would have preferred a wider attachment plate on the mount and swap the solid plate for a metal ring instead. Now, with the new iPhone 12 released you have MagSafe for iPhone, which features tiny magnets around the outside of the charging coil of the iPhone. These might help with attaching the iPhone to a vent mount such as this, but without an iPhone 12 to test I cannot tell you if this works or not.

With or without your phone attached, the mount nearly blends in with your dashboard

The Avolare branding would have been better if it was not written on the attachment plate. After a few rotations and phone attachments, anyone with a level eye or OCD will be rotating the plate to keep the brand logo upright. I would also have loved to see something with this mount type come with wireless charging abilities. For me, having this attachment mechanism along with wireless charging would make it a perfect vent mount solution in the car.

Retailing for just £7.99 from Amazon UK (use coupon code “GLCLZJRW” at checkout for another 10% off!), its price is on point for what you get in the box. If you are looking for a non-wireless charging vent mount, and you don’t mind the metal plates blocking any wireless charging ability, then look no further than the Avolare Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount.

(I will update this article as soon as I am able to test it with an iPhone 12 MagSafe phone)

Avolare Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount





  • Small and discrete mount
  • Powerful Neodymium magnets
  • Excellent hook system keeps the mount attached to your vent


  • Metal plates block wireless charging
  • Logo orientation
  • No wireless charging


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