Avolare 15W Wireless Fast Car Charger Vent Mount Review

With the introduction of wireless charging compatibility in Apple iPhones and wireless Apple Carplay, the number of cables we have to connect inside our cars are reducing less each generation. Wireless in-car chargers are growing ever so popular with this trend and its good to see this area of technology continue to growing and evolve with the new technology releasing today.

The Avolare Wireless Fast Car Charger is a newly released air vent mounted wireless charger for your iPhone that attaches itself onto the air vent blades inside your car and boasts a number of features that makes for a great wireless car charger for your smartphone.

In the box comes the charger itself and the crocodile clip mount design that easily attaches to the back of the charger, and once positioned, is screwed into place. Then finally, there is a fairly short USB-C to USB-A cable that attaches to the charger and a nearby 12v USB-A charger socket or available USB-A port.

With my iPhone dropped onto the lower cradle arm of the charger, this triggers the outside arms, that are positioned to the left and right of the charger, to jump inwards to secure the iPhone in place. Once the charger has all three points of contact with my iPhone, it felt secure in place and the impression that this was a solid vent mount. It can be easily rotated too if you feel the need to landscape your iPhone.

To release your iPhone from the mount, you simply push two of the lower arms inwards on either side. Doing so moves the upper left and right arms outwards, and in one single motion, with one hand you can grip the iPhone and pull it out of the charger. Depending on the location of the mount in your car, this motion can be either very fluid or a little cumbersome. For me, my mount position was too close to my wheel so I had to navigate my arms around the steering wheel storks to get my fingers around and release the arms. Personally I would have preferred a rear-mounted release button – a functionality I continue to campaign for and wait to see a vent mount adopt.

The most striking visual feature of this black coloured mount is the three blue LED bars that point inwards to the centre of the charger. In daylight, these LED bars are a little harder to see and they are much less impactful, but at night they do look the part whilst your iPhone isn’t inserted into it. However, once your iPhone is inserted into the mount, these lights are then hidden and the visual aesthetics are suddenly a past memory.

Like a few recent vent mounts we’ve reviewed over the last year, this mount features a latched clip-on design. This means you can position the crocodile clip over an air vent blade in your car, and by moving the latch pin over, you can move the jaws of the clip between three tension settings to allow this mount to fit over thick to thin air vent blade types.

This Avolare Car Charger is able to fast charge your smartphone up to 15W, 10W and 7.5W charging rates. With this number of power levels, this mount will see you through a number of generation upgrades of your smartphone device where it may be able to charge wirelessly at any of these higher charging levels. Medium case support is also available with charging distances between 0-6mm are supported. Thicker cases might have a problem here, but my cheap 3mm silicone iPhone 11 Pro case didn’t get in the way of my iPhone receiving its charge.

Overall, this mount is great. It ticks most of the boxes as a decent fast charger for your iPhone or wireless smartphone device. My only two issues are the quick-release arm design. If the mounting location is tight or surrounded by obstacles, you’re better off with a magnetic mount instead. Then there is the cable length. Measuring a short 50-75cm in length, unless you can plug the cable into a USB socket close by, you may not have enough length to reach a power source and be able to easily tuck this cable neatly around your centre console.

Retailing for £24.99 on Amazon, the Avolare mount with its fast wireless charging features will certainly not break the bank. You could pay a lot more for a wireless vent mount solution. It looks the part with its black casing and blue LEDs, its grip and stability are fairly solid and its 15W charging speeds gives it some legs to serve your smartphones for years to come. If you’re looking for a well priced wireless car charger with a decent amount of features then you should put the Avolare Wireless Fast Car Charger on your list for consideration.

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