Aukey PA-Y15 18W USB-C Power Delivery Charger Review

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All smartphones and tablets come bundled with a single USB wall charger that can sufficiently charge your shiny new piece of technology. However when it comes to the more recent Apple iPhones, from the iPhone 8 and up, the 5W USB wall charger that comes packaged with your iPhone does not have the ability to give these newer iPhones the fastest charge they can take. For that you need a different kind of wall charger.

The buzz word at the moment is USB-PD – or USB Power Delivery – a new universal multi-voltage charging standard that dynamically negotiates power output over a USB-C connection to safely and efficiently supply power to a connected device. The bottom line – your device charges much faster.

This can mean a PD compatible smartphone, such an iPhone 8, X, XS and XR will charge its battery up to 75% in around 45 minutes, instead of 2 hours charging with its stock 5W charger. To achieve this, the wall charger needs the power delivery output of around 18W. Apple bundles its entire range of iPhones with a mere 5W adapter, which isn’t enough to achieve this kind of fast charging Power Delivery output.

To max out your iPhone’s charging speeds, you’re required to buy Apple’s own 30W USB-C charger, which can be purchased separately for $47. If you have a newer MacBook or MacBook Pro that powers over a USB-C connection, you already have a charger that will do the job. But if you are without any of these and want to fast charge your iPhone, there cheaper options from third-party manufacturers such as the PA-Y15 18W Power Delivery Charger from Aukey.

In the tiny packaging you’ll find the adapter itself, a tiny manual and a 24-month product warranty card. Unfortunately you’ll have to supply your own USB-C to Lightning cable to connect to your iPhone, which at the moment still needs to be an Official Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable. At a hefty $19 for the 1m USB-C to Lightning Cable or $35 for a 2m USB-C to Lightning Cable, you’ll need one of these cables to get the maximum charge from the wall charger to your iPhone.

The PA-Y15 wall charger provides up to 18W of power output through its single USB-C port. This is more than enough to provide Power Delivery to an iPhone 8 or higher. As 18W is the standard for USB Power Delivery, you will not charge any faster using any higher wattage charger than this.

This wall charger is a tidy and compact travel size of 50mm wide, 28mm high and 54mm deep, but sadly it doesn’t come with any continental power adapters. It’s black casing feels solid, with a textured finish that feels premium to the touch. At 66-grams in weight, it will not weigh down your briefcase, luggage or backpack either.

Retailing for $19.99 from Amazon, the Aukey PA-Y15 is a 59.5% cheaper alternative to Apple’s own charger, and with PD compatibility for your iPhone it’s a great alternative/replacement PD charger if you’re shopping on a budget.

Aukey PA-Y15 PD Charger





  • Compact and lightweight
  • USB-C 18W fast charge
  • Overheat, over charge protection


  • One single USB-C port
  • No supplied cable
  • No travel socket options

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