Aukey PA-Y12 60W Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

The demand for USB charging is pretty high once you have a number of devices in your household that all require recharging during or at the end of the day. You could use all of your device’s USB chargers, separately, or you could just use one that will charge them all. One such device is the Aukey PA-Y12 Power Delivery Wall Charger. A 3-port USB-C and USB-A wall charger that will not only charge your iPhone or iPad, it can charge your 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro or Nintendo Switch too!

The Aukey PA-Y12 contains two standard USB-A ports that are monitored by AIPowered Adaptive Charging Technology that deliver safe and reliable charging power for all 5V USB gadgets at up to 2.4A across both ports. The third port is a USB-C port, which allows up to 60W Power Delivery to supported devices, and is enough power to efficiently charge a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch at full speed.

USB Power Delivery is a new universal multi-voltage charging standard that dynamically negotiates power output over a USB-C connection to safely and efficiently supply power to a connected device. The bottom line – your device charges much faster.

This can also mean a PD compatible smartphone, such an iPhone 8 will charge its battery up to 75% in around 45 minutes, instead of 2 hours charging with its stock 5W charger. To achieve this, the wall charger needs the power delivery output of around 18W. Apple bundles its entire range of iPhones with a mere 5W adapter, which isn’t enough to achieve this kind of Power Delivery output.

In the box you’ll find the 3-port wall charger itself, its power cable, a tiny manual and a 24-month product warranty card. You’ll have to supply your own USB cables for each of your devices, including an Official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable if you wish to capitalise on the fast charging ability of the latest iPhones with Power Delivery.

This wall charger provides a total of 72W of power output through its three USB ports. 60W is reserved for the USB-C port, whilst the remaining 12W is shared between the two USB-A ports. This makes the PA-Y12 a great companion whilst traveling, thanks to being able to charge a wide variety of power-hungry devices from one charger.

Being able to leave all your separate chargers at home and take just the PA-Y12 and a few USB cables allows you to not only travel lighter, but it really simplifies your travel itinerary too. If you’re traveling with a 13-MacBook Pro or the latest MacBook Air, you’ll be able to power your laptop whilst charging your iPhone, all from the same power source.

To help with travelling light the PA-Y12 wall charger is a tidy and compact too, with a size of 100mm wide, 78mm high and 30mm deep. It’s black casing feels study and solid with a rough texture that feels premium to the touch. At 218-grams in weight, it will not weigh down your briefcase, luggage or backpack too much either.

At $49.99 from Amazon, the Aukey PA-Y12 will not break the bank. With its PD compatibility for fast charging, your iPhone it will also charge your USB-C powered MacBook Pro/Air and give you a few additional ports to allow you to simultaneously charge you other devices too. If you’re looking for a wall charger that will charge your 13-inch MacBook Pro or Air as well as charge your other smart devices, I would certainly recommend picking up the Aukey PA-Y12 60W Wall Charger.

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